Monday, January 13, 2014

A Baby J 5 & 6 Month Update

Man I get behind on posting.  Here's an idea - when I feel ambitious how about I start AND finish just ONE post, instead of starting FIVE posts all of which NEVER get finished.  Seriously.  But let's talk Baby J, shall we??

Baby J turned 5 months old over Thanksgiving weekend... and then obviously that was forever ago and then he just turned 6 months old right after Christmas!  Things are great.  There's really not a lot new - okay that's wrong - but while everything is new, at the same time things are changing so gradually that it's hard to know when it really happened.  But when I think back on how things with him used to be, there is such a HUGE difference.

Such a big boy these days!  He's just so sweet and happy and adorable! 

He's still not rolling over back to front.  He gets really really close sometimes, but just doesn't get his leg over.  While he's been rolling front to back since 3.5 months old, he only just THIS week (i.e., right at 6 months) learned to CONTROL it.  Like he's finally learned that he never has to do tummy time ever again because he can roll from front to back!  So that's going to be a struggle...! 

Although he's not rolling he IS working on sitting unassisted.  He can do it very briefly on his own WITH supervision, but can do it longer with the help of toys (or me). 

 He STILL loves that piano! 

I had a mini 6 month photoshoot like I did at 3 months and I'm just obsessed with these tie pictures!

We started feeding Baby J solids at about 5.5 months.  I was dead set on waiting until 6 months but then my parents were hounding me about some research linking diabetes to feeding solids too early (<4 months) or too late (6+ months).  Plus I was really excited to feed him solids so I caved!  Considering that Baby J is constantly ravenous I assumed he would LOVE eating real food and it would be really fun for him.

Soooo it's been pretty anticlimactic that he doesn't seem to like it... at all.  He's had baby oatmeal, which he's liked a few times but refused more times, plus sweet potatoes, avocado, banana, and peas.  Well, he's eaten a few bites of sweet potatoes and avocado but so far I don't think he's had more than a tiny taste of peas or banana.  HE REFUSES! 

Real food sure is messy!

Baby J is still a monster baby.  He's nearly 20 pounds (19 pounds, 12.5 ounces), which is the 82nd percentile and 27.5 inches long, which is the 73rd percentile.  His head is now in the 100th percentile since it's GINORMOUS (yes, the doctor actually said 100th, even though, hello, that's not possible!).  It's also still a bit flat.  Not sure that's going to right itself on its own?  Is a helmet in our future?  The doctors say no, but I really hope it rounds out a bit.

Thanksgiving came and went:

And then so did Christmas!  Time is just flying.  I'd been looking forward to this break to spend time with Baby J for FOREVER so going back sure wasn't fun.  Spring break is a LONNNGGG way away.

 Dressed up so fancy on Christmas!

We even got to visit Santa not once but TWICE.  Lucky boy.  The first time was at Petsmart so the whole family got to go! 

 Yes, the background has been photoshopped since we used it for our Christmas card.  
Petsmart was not NEARLY so glamorous!

Baby J also got to see snow for the first time!  AFTER I took these pictures I realized you can barely even tell that there's snow outside because of using the house as the backdrop instead of the yard, but oh well! 

Breastfeeding is still going well.  As I mentioned in my goals I'd love to go the distance with it, but it's not really up to me so we'll see.  I've certainly enjoyed this vacation from pumping, that's for sure.

Sleeping is still the same.  We had a few horrible nights while we traveled over vacation where he was up every hour it seemed.  Probably some of the worst nights since he was born.  But then we've had a few good nights too where he slept in 3-4 hour stretches.  We've been working hard on him falling asleep on his own and he's even been doing it during his first nap of the day!  VERY proud of that.  One big problem I think is that he's so distracted when eating during the day that I'm not sure he's eating very much, versus when he eats at night he's asleep so he's very focused. 

One thing is for sure, this little guy is BUSY, which is I guess why he's so distracted!  LOTS to see and do!  Toys are finally being used and man are they being used!  It's also tough to keep him entertained as his attention span is short - he does like measuring cups though!

He LOVES jumping and he's just so smiley and happy, I just love that little guy so much!

 He learned to stick his tongue out!

I'm definitely thankful for this little guy. 

Monday, January 6, 2014

2014: The Year of the Half Ironman?

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you had a lovely holiday.  Now that I've recapped 2013 let's talk goals for 2014.  

1)  Get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. My goal for 2013 was to end the year the same weight I started it at but we all know that didn't happen...  Not sure if this is possible prior to being done breastfeeding but I could certainly try harder than I have been!  It's just hard because I'm hungry ALL THE FREAKING TIME, plus we all know I'm not getting a ton of sleep (and we all know the correlation between weight gain and lack of sleep), but things have been pretty off the rails with the holidays.  Less sugar, more veggies. 
2)  Complete a Half ironman???  I've only done one triathlon, and it was just a sprint, so I don't know why I think I can tackle a half ironman, but that's definitely on my bucket list - and why not this summer?  I originally hoped to complete this last summer, but that obviously didn't happen.  I think if I can capitalize on summer off from work to train then (I don't think I could balance it otherwise) - so if I could find one that was in August or September I think I could *maybe* swing this?  I'm definitely most worried about the biking...

3)  Complete a Marathon??  Wow, two question marked goals in a row.  I would LOVE to do a marathon this year but if I have to choose (which I'm guessing I might have to) I'd choose the Half Ironman.  Again, if I do one, it's going to be in the fall with the majority of training done during the summer.  Also, I need to be done breastfeeding before I tackle a marathon.  I really do want to do one this year because I'm on the every other year plan - I've completed 3 marathons in 2008, 2010, and 2012, so I MUST do one in 2014!  I won't lie, Chicago has been calling to me...

2008, 2010, 2012

4)  Submit at LEAST one paper for publication.  While finishing my dissertation was AWESOME, it pretty much means nothing if I never do anything with it!  If I want to make myself marketable job-wise (even though that's the furthest thing from my mind right now) I need to beef up the CV.  To make this more accountable, let's say I need one paper submitted by March and another submitted by October. 

5)  Be present. When I'm with Baby J, BE with him. When I'm at work, WORK. There's no sense feeling guilt over something that can't be changed. You work AND are a mom so try your best to be good at both, even though you'll probably never be able to be great at both.  Spend more quality time with JMan.  We still haven't been on a date since Baby J was born!  We need to find a babysitter. 

6)  Breastfeed through the first year. My goal was 6 months, let's see if we can make it 6 more.  I don't have much control over this, but I sure can try.  I AM super tired of pumping, evidence being that I didn't pump at ALL over break even though I wanted to to add to my freezer stash, but I will do what I can to try and maintain my supply if it dips again (I had a problem a while back but went on a "pumping vacation" one weekend - which is NOT a vacation AT ALL, and also made some lactation cookies).  

Clearly breastfeeding is working so far.

7)  A PR of some sort would be nice... but I won't hold my breath. I'd rather finish a Half Ironman than train for a PR.  It IS pretty sad how old my PR's are though.  If I wait too long I'll be too old to get any new PR's!  So maybe a more appropriate goal is to "get faster" this year, to put myself in position to legitimately PR in 2015.  If I can consistently train throughout the year (which means not getting injured AND not being lazy) I think this can happen.  So perhaps "consistently train throughout the year" is the real goal here. 

8)  Read one book for fun and one professional book or magazine each month.  I was SHOCKED to discover I read 28 books in 2013, but 9 of those were baby-related, so 19 sounds a lot more right.  My favorite "for fun" books of 2013 were Me Before You and Where'd You Go Bernadette, and my definite favorite professional book of 2013 was Focus.  


9)  Continue the streak???  As of today I've run for 36 days in a row.  Can I keep it up?  Go for 50?  Or more??  We'll see!

10)  Have a GREAT year!  I hope you all have great years too!  What are you going to do this year to make it great???