Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I Needed That

Another fail Sunday morning: met up with Jordanne and Lisa at Soos Creek Trail and the trail was still super icy and sloppy, and after about a .1 jaunt (and one peeing in the woods, of course, stupid bathrooms being locked!), we quickly determined that at least without the snow trax, it was too icy and dangerous for running.  I really wanted it to work out but they both seemed to want to go home, so we sadly parted ways all too quickly! I headed to the gym and busted out 3 quick miles on the indoor track (hate that thing) in 25:30 (pretty good, but it was on a pancake flat track and I was trying to go hard, and this was pretty much my maximum possible time allowed to still making it to my class on time!).  Then I headed to an hour of Centergy (it's a pilates yoga fusion that's usually quite a good workout and exactly what I need: lots of abs and hip opening).

Pinned Image
Lots of Abs  
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Lots of Hip Opening
Afterwards, I followed it up with another dump run with JMan to remove the tree debris, a big lunch, and a quick nap, but since my daylight hours were quickly waning I headed out to try to get in a "real" run.  As I mentioned before, this week was much too much "sometimes" running and I was in desperate need of a really good run.  WIN!  A great run.  I was able to get 7 miles in before it was dark (the last mile was a little too dark for my taste but I really wanted to get to 10 for the day, yes I know this doesn't count as a long run but I'll pretend like it does!).  There was some obstacle-coursing with the ice and downed trees / branches, but overall I felt great!

First Run: 3 miles, 25:30, AP: 8:30
Second Run: 7 miles, 1:02, AP: 8:56
Second Run Splits: 9:16, 9:14, 8:48, 8:48, 8:59, 8:33, 8:52

What did you do this weekend?  How far did you run?


  1. hahaha I love the dogs :) too cute/ and sweet runs! I have yet to do two runs in one day. I may start :)

    I didn't run at all and I was sick all weekend. Sorry not interesting

    1. I would rather have just run 10 miles all at once instead of 2 runs! Oh well. Are you feeling better yet? Being sick is the worst.

  2. You are awesome for heading back out on a 7 mile run after the day you had. I would have used the "I had to go on a dump run today I can't possibly do anything else" excuse.


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