About Ricole

I bet you're thinking, Ricole is a really weird name for a boy?  girl?  dog?  Well, for all of those!  So let me tell you how it all began.  Circa approximately 2004, Saturday Night Live began running a series of sketches starring Amy Poehler as a young adolescent named Kaitlin.  Kaitlin basically totally encompasses my personality: energetic, crazy, and hyper, and she is constantly running around yelling "Rick, Rick, Rick, Rick, Rick!"  (Rick is her stepdad, played by Horatio Sanz).  "Take me to Taco Bell Rick I need a tostada to calm my nerves!"

"What if I sit on it Rick?!  I've almost sat on it 3 times already!"

Anyway, I quickly began calling people Rick, they called me Rick back, and Nicole - Rick-ole - Ricole was born.  The episode when Lindsay Lohan hosted SNL (before all of her troubles began!) was the best, but it doesn't seem to be available anywhere, so you can see samples here, here, and here.

   "Do you think there's going to be a conga line?  Are we going to chicken dance?  Rick?!"

As mentioned previously, Ricole is an energetic, hyper, and a little crazy nearly 30-something Seattle-ite.  Ricole's an injury-prone runner (thus she runs "sometimes"), a wife of 5 years, a mom to 7-year-old Cooper-the-chocolate-lab, a graduate student, employee, and general lover of adventures.  She's on a quest to PR, get faster, overcome the injury-monster, and become a "real" marathoner ("real" meaning completing a marathon happily and without injury).

"Please please please Rick can I get my ears pierced I'm 10 years old!"