Monday, April 21, 2014

Seahawks 12k Race Report... Finally!

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3)  Last weekend Baby J "ran" (er, rode?) his very first race! 

It was the Seahawks 12k - my 3rd year of doing the race and JMan and Baby J's first.  Unfortunately, I remembered how NOT busy it was the past two years, not incorporating the "we just won the Super Bowl phenomenon", and I would not have recommended that this be our first race as a family with the stroller had I known how congested it was. 

JMan was a trooper and pushed the stroller the entire way, but it was a bit disappointing to be forced to a near walk at times because of the congestion.  It was kind of like an interval workout - we would go as fast as we could if we could, and then pretty much have to walk once we ran into another wall of people.

 See?  Wall of people.

Baby J LOVES to ride in the stroller - he has never one time minded and he has pretty much never one time not taken a nap (when it was nap time), and he has definitely ridden in the stroller for this length of time before.

See?  He loves it!

Until today.  Apparently all the millions of people and all the excitement got him all revved up and too excited to nap.  But not napping does not make for a happy baby.  So he was NOT pleased after a while.  It was kind of embarrassing, like we were these awful parents forcing our baby to join us on this race.  I SWEAR HE LOVES THIS PEOPLE!  At one point, we even stopped and walked and I carried him.  SERIOUSLY.  Talk about putting a dent in our momentum!

The race is cool in that you get to run around the Seahawks' training facility and some Seahawks (likely 3rd stringers since no one recognized them) gave us water! 

Finally we gave up on making Baby J happy and decided to just try to run as fast as we possibly could to the finish so he could get out and be happy.  Get this... Baby J fell asleep literally the SECOND we crossed the finish line.  I AM NOT JOKING PEOPLE!  Seriously.  RIDICULOUS CRAZY BABY!  :-) 

Anyway, so Baby J's first race wasn't such a success.  It was great to be out there as a family and a seriously wonderful day (see that blue sky?!) and fun to be out there with friends though. 

Total Distance: 7.71 miles      Total Time: 1:17:55        Average Pace: 10:06
Splits: 9:55, 9:27, 10:27, 10:00, 10:32, 9:49, 12:15, 7:43

Can you see where we walked carrying Baby and where we sprinted back?!