Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Running Funk & a Helvetia Half Giveaway!

1)  I'm in a running funk.  I'm not sure why.  

The weather has been bad (except for this week when it was AMAZING and I ran around telling every person in the WORLD that IT'S GOING TO BE 81 DEGREES ON THURSDAY!!!!!), but I don't think the weather is all it.  I've run through worse.  

I don't think it helps that my choices seem to be either running on the treadmill (unacceptable) or running with the stroller (not my favorite thing).  Running with the stroller is just so hard, that it kind of takes the fun out of running.  I love walking with Baby J though, and I find my "runs" becoming "run/walks" or even just plain "walks" more often than I'd like. 

But this isn't the case on the weekends, so that's not all it either.  

We've been so crazy busy, there's a lot of stuff going on right now, both at work and at home, and that certainly doesn't help.  For some reason I just have no motivation to get out there.  I'd rather hang out with JMan and Baby J than go running.  

Speaking of Baby J - we're finally getting teeth!

So anyway, I suck at running right now, which is a big problem (see #2 and #3). 

2)  There are races coming up!  It's almost summer!  There's a triathlon (the 5 Mile Lake Women's Triathlon - use RICOLERUNS to receive 10% off!) a mere 6 weeks away, and I haven't swam or biked ONE TIME since...????  Ragnar ULTRA style isn't much farther than that, so running 3 miles a week is kind of a problem if I want to run 30 miles in a WEEKEND.

3)  Did I tell you I got into CHICAGO?!  Did I even tell you I entered the lottery?  I kind of don't think so.  We've never been there before and it seems like a great fun little trip with a marathon on the side.  But um, that means I have to TRAIN for and actually RUN a freaking MARATHON.  At this point you might as well ask me to travel to the moon.  
4)  Speaking of races coming up, I've got the Hippie Chick Half Marathon next weekend and then another Better Series race, the Helvetia Half Marathon on June 7.  This is a race I've heard great things about for years and have always wanted to do but it never worked out, so I'm really excited to be running this race as part of my Nuun Ambassadorship.  Go to my previous post to read more about the awesome Better Series.  
And guess what?  One of YOU, my dear sparse lucky readers, will ALSO get to run the Helvetia Half with me!  That's right - I have a RACE ENTRY to give away!  Here's what you do to enter: You MUST: a) comment below with why you want to run Helvetia, and for bonus entries you CAN: b) follow Better Series on twitter (leave a comment saying you did so), c) like Better Series on facebook (leave a comment saying you did so).
I'll pick a winner on Wednesday, May 7, at 8:00pm.  Good luck!   

So who has ideas about how can I get out of this running funk????