Wednesday, February 13, 2013

One Moment That Can Change Your Life

It's strange how in one tiny moment your life can COMPLETELY CHANGE.

There has been no other one moment in my life that was like that.  While finding the one and dating them and getting engaged and then getting married are of course HUGE decisions that of course change your life, they happen over such a long course of time that you never really have that one moment.  I already knew I wanted to marry JMan before he asked, and I had no doubts at our wedding.  So it wasn't anything like this.

Anything like this moment:

I want future Ricole Jr. to know that he / she was wanted.  They were NOT an "accident".  Buuutttt, it was also DEFINITELY a "surprise" at the same time.  

**Disclaimer.  The following is likely way more than you want to know, so if you're my Dad feel free to stop reading now.  

Although in October we intentionally decided to no longer prevent pregnancy, due to uterus activities that are probably way past your interest level in my life, I had long deemed that it would be VERY difficult for me to get pregnant should we ever actively try to.  We both assumed that doctor intervention would be necessary in order to conceive.  This was just the given that I had known for years, it had been supported by doctor opinion in the past, and I had actually always assumed adoption would be involved down the road, and was very okay with that. 

So when we decided to stop preventing pregnancy I did not think for even ONE TEENY TINY SECOND that ANYTHING would come of it.  I assumed (and was fine with!) that it would still be years down the road.  In fact, I had plans for this summer!  ULTRA RELAY PLANS PEOPLE!  Going to Europe for two weeks with JMan plans!  Running Hood to Coast plans!  Running a marathon plans!  Jumping on trampolines and eating deli meat and drinking delicious Blue Moon seasonal ales and going wine tasting plans! 

But life doesn't work out the way you think or plan.  So when it happened in the very first month, to say the word SHOCK might be an understatement. 

 At the Mustache Dache, just 1 measly day into knowing I'm carrying a life inside of me.  SO weird!

But no matter how shocking, how crazy it seems that we are going to be PARENTS, how weird it is to carry a living thing inside of me, how could we ever think anything but how incredibly lucky and blessed we are to have that one moment that changed our lives.