Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I Love Everyone!

I seriously love EVERYONE these days.  Everyone is so ridiculously nice and kind.  Apparently pregnant people just make other people want to do incredibly nice things for them, but I want everyone to know I APPRECIATE THEM!  For real for real for real times 1,000,000.  

1) First off - THANK YOU EVERYONE!  Seriously everyone!  I've had multiple friends give me adorable outfits and baby toys, work colleagues bring me leftover diapers they don't need anymore, etc.  My Grandma made me the most adorable swaddling blanket.  In terms of maternity clothes I'm pretty well set because Rachael loaned me her whole freaking maternity wardrobe while Leandrea mailed me a ton more clothes and a work colleague brought me her hand-me-downs!  It's seriously seriously awesome. 

2) Thank you to bump-twin ALMA for the awesome maternity running skirt. It's Running Skirts brand and is awesome with a full belly panel, cute purple spandex shorts underneath that provide good coverage and don't ride up, and two cute velcro pockets on either side.  I'm a fan. 

I obviously took those pictures FOREVER ago when I first got the skirt (my bumps like... 3 times bigger!) but I was happy to finally take the skirt out in public at the Seahawks 12k.  

3) Thank you to the awesome amazing Nuun Hood to Coast teammate Amanda who not only bestowed on me her awesome (and expensive) Medela breast pump, but was also pretty much just walking around her house offering me all of her possessions.  I felt a little like I was robbing her!  I walked away with baby toys, books, clothes, and a freaking adorable police car that JMan was pretty much BEGGING me to leave behind, but how can you leave behind something so cute??!!  Please tell me how.

I have a good collection going for once Rudiger hits 18 months or so!

Ara is an amazingly adorable baby model.

4) Lindsay once again proves her worth.  Oiselle was having a very popular sample sale on a weekend I was unfortunately going to be out of town.  I have been dying to try the rogas that everyone is constantly talking about, and so Lindsay graciously offered to pretty much shop the sale blind for me.  I gave her a budget of $20-$30 and told her I promised to be happy with anything she bought me!  Someone else might have caved under that kind of pressure, but she brought me back two pairs of rogas to try! 

 This also was a while ago, clearly, and these shorts won't be making an appearance for QUITE a long time.  On first try the rogas seems rather short for my taste, but we shall see during a real try-out someday when I can fit into them again!

5)  Rachael deserves a THANK YOU all her own - not only did she loan me her whole collection of maternity clothes but she also constantly answers my numerous questions and bestows on me her huge wealth of knowledge.  She also took me registering, which could not have been that fun for her!  She rocks. 

If all that wasn't enough she even loaned us her awesome swing and bouncer!

6) And of course, thank you to Cooper -  just for being so freaking precious.

7)  Last but not least, Lisa deserves a HUGE shout out for her awesome crafty skills in helping me make an owl mobile for the nursery.  Maybe someday I'll talk more about that.  Don't hold your breath! 

Cute, right??!!

If I somehow forgot you and you are awesome - THANK YOU TOO!  Thanks for being so nice to pregnant ladies like me.  We need those kind of pick-me-ups since we can't run relays or eat deli meat or drink beer.  :-)