Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Did You Win?

So I know I'm the queen of not rewarding people who win my contests.  At least that's true in terms of Runcember, in which I never ever acknowledged how awesome everyone did and who won.
Runcember Winner: Well, Robyn won by a LANDSLIDE, with a whopping 202.35 miles walk/run in December.  She is AMAZING and my hero.  She nearly doubled my 111.30 folks.  But Jayloh and Icyr also deserve a huge SHOUT OUT as being the only other two to run or walk at least a mile every day in December.  Yes, I realize December was 7 months ago.  I'm a little late okay?  LAY OFF ME!  :-) 

And now on to my second contest you thought I forgot about.  Very [VERY!] shortly before I actually went into labor, I asked you all to guess my due date!  This turned out to be VERY difficult, given the very unexpected fact that I went into labor nearly 3 weeks early.  Thank goodness I did!  Can you imagine how big Baby J would have been if he stayed in there another 3-5 weeks? 

Turns out you had exactly 2 days to guess.  

Due Date Winner: Tasha, sweet as she is, guessed the date I wanted Baby J to be born on: July 4.  Rachael, trickster that she is, went and guessed after she heard I was in labor at the hospital!  She still guessed the 30th though, who knew my labor would be so quick?  Rachael's tricky guess was 20 minutes off, but Tasha takes home the prize.  Good thing Jen, who guessed freaking July 30, was wrong!

Weight Winner: Some of you were super evil and guessing ginormous babies!  Shame on you!  :-)  Lindsay had the smallest, and therefore correctest answer with 7 lbs 2 ozs (he actually weighed 6 lbs 13 ozs, which dropped down to 6 lbs 3.5 ozs a few days later). 

Height Winner: Rachael did legitimately guess the height exactly correct at 20.5 inches (though we dropped down to 19.5 inches a week later with the cone-head loss!).  Congrats Rachaem!

All of you winners - email me ( your mailing address! You've each won a tube of Nuun, which has been a LIFESAVER for me while breastfeeding.  I mentioned before how I'd never known hunger like breastfeeding-hunger, well I've also definitely never known thirst like the breastfeeding thirst.  I am thirsty ALL-THE-TIME.  Plus I know it's super important to drink enough fluids to maintain your milk supply.  So I've been drinking Nuun like it's going out of style, not only to make sure I stay hydrated but also to stop being so freaking bored of drinking water.  Lemonade is hands-down my favorite choice, though it's not entirely a fair contest since I've been avoiding Kona Cola and Cherry Limeaid because of the caffeine. Thanks for playing everyone!