Thursday, February 28, 2013

Brothers Don't Shake Hands, Brothers Gotta HUG!

A 20 week update:

So far still no strangers have asked if I'm pregnant and nothing has happened with my little psychology experiment with the class for adults I'm teaching (I haven't told them and am waiting to see when (if?) they'll ask!) so I guess I still look mostly like I'm getting a bit chubby from my lack of running.  But I do think my belly popped out a bit almost over night on Sunday night.

Speaking of running - sorry if this is a lot less running blog and a lot more pregnancy blog lately.  When there are posts at all, that is.  But I do promise a running update soon.  Spoiler alert: I have been running SOME.  But not a lot, and rarely more than 3 miles.  It's a bit disappointing.  

Back to the task at hand.  We had the big 20 week anatomy ultrasound yesterday and everything looked GREAT.  What a relief.  Going 4 weeks in between appointments is a LONG TIME when you're worried and not sure if you're feeling the baby move or not.  I feel weird things that MIGHT be the baby or also might be digestion / hunger pains / gas bubbles / all kinds of crazy crap.  The doctor said in a few weeks I'll be 100% sure and I'll say that those feelings definitely were the baby.

The baby has all it's parts - everything looks normal, good measurements, etc.  Baby is measuring in the 75th percentile for size so I hope hope HOPE that means it will come early and NOT that it will be a super-sized baby!  It even seems to have inherited JMan's weird toe trait (his 2nd toe is oddly long - longer than the big toe!)!  

We also found out for sure (we'd been told once tentatively and another time more definitively but now it's OFFICIAL!) that it's a....