Thursday, May 9, 2013

That's How Every Weekend Should Be

This weekend was AMAZING.  A weekend for the record books.  Just positively lovely.  Every weekend should be so fabulous.  

On Friday night JMan and I went to see Iron Man 3.  Gotta get out to the movies while we still can!  It was pretty good, kind of long and I'm not a huge fan of those movies, but it was entertaining enough.  

On Saturday morning I headed out bright and early for another Skipping in Seattle Miles & Margs event in West Seattle!  Last year was the first time meeting many of these lovely ladies and I'm so lucky I've gotten to know them better!  The morning was GORGEOUS, just picture perfect views of the Space Needle and the Sound.  

I started off with a 5 mile run, mostly alone (the downfall of being a slow pregnant lady) but Rebecca entertained me for a bit.  Becky didn't waste any time pointing out that I was the "slow one" and that she didn't want to run with me.  Thanks Becky! 
We followed it up with margaritas (for those of us not "with child") and brunch at Cactus, and oh my gosh, though I wavered back and forth on what to get the french toast was THE BEST THING EVER.  Run, don't walk, there and eat it immediately.  

Of course the pregnant lady orders the only dish on the menu with "rum" in the description!

Karla & I: Preggo runners unite!

After some cleaning and chores, I then headed over to the gracious Becky's house for a slumber party with Robyn.  She made up for her earlier comment by being the best hostess ever - cooking us delicious chicken tacos and very impressive homemade nutella brownie bites; letting her adorable dog Ada smother us in doggie kisses (and bites!), and putting us up at her house.  The reason we stayed the night was because bright and early Sunday morning... we were volunteering at the Tacoma City Marathon!

 As you recall Becky and I volunteered at this race last year, but last year we became professional water-hander-outers.  This year we got assigned the "half marathon medal station" at the finish line.  It's always interesting to view a race from a different angle, and this was no different.  People are definitely "interesting" at the finish line and there's definitely an "art" to medaling people. Some like it draped, some just want to grab it, some walk right past and almost leave without it!  
Lindsay - demonstrating the "true" way to get a medal - draped of course!
The weather in Seattle the whole weekend was just plain AMAZING, it would be considered awesome by August's standards so for early May it's just phenomenal.  After working up a sweat all morning handing out medals I came home and did a ton of yardwork (definitely my workout for the day), and ended the weekend with a lovely BBQ with JMan, complete with virgin margaritas.  
As a side note, we also watched Silver Linings Playbook, and I can't even begin to describe to you how dissapointed with it I was.  I know everyone else loves it and it was nominated for best picture and blah blah blah, but having just read the book and LOVED the book, I really hated the changes they made to the plot and I really just thought the movie was SUPER BORING.  End rant. 

Seriously, best weekend EVER.  Love love love love love.  

What did you do?  How are you enjoying the sun???