Monday, May 20, 2013

Rice a Roni: The San Francisco Treat

A few weekends ago (I'm a bit behind in my recapping - alright?!?  You did just finally get Paris after all!) I headed to SAN FRANCISCO for a conference and it was lovely.  While we've had some absolutely FABULOUS weather here (though that seems to be long gone now?!), at the time that I went there our weather had still been cold and rainy so I was VERY appreciative of the sunny days.  

While the days were quite busy with conference-attending, staying on top of my work still going on back home, and prepping / doing my presentation, I still managed to get in a little fun!  Somehow I convinced Jordanne to come with me (hope she doesn't regret it!) which made the trip about a BILLION times more fun than it would have been alone.  

We made it down to Pier 39 to see the spectacle, tourists, sea lions, and views of Alcatraz. I had a crab cake sandwich which I had high hopes for but it was just okay.

We made it to Lombard Street - the "windiest street in the world" (or something like that!).  We even climbed to the very top despite the very steep stairs - hiking up that hill was quite the workout for this pregnant lady.

We went out to dinner at a nice French restaurant where we indulged in dessert, and then still had cupcakes for second dessert an hour later!

We made it out to see the Golden Gate bridge and the Palace of Fine Arts.

And finally, the BIG ADVENTURE involved walk / running to Golden Gate Park, which was a good 5-6 miles away, plus the park itself is 3 miles long!  But it did not disappoint.  

This park is AWESOME and I wish I could run there everyday.  It is huge, apparently bigger than Central Park, with TONS of trails and fun things to look at.  There's windmills, bison (supposedly - we didn't see them, which was a huge disappointment!), botanical gardens, flowers everywhere, waterfalls, and the park even dumps you out at the beach.  Pure loveliness.

We were starting to get a little worried though when we'd walk / run 8 miles + and were still VERY far from our hotel in a slightly shady area and it was starting to get cold and dusk was coming.  Then PERFECT timing a taxi pulls up and saves the day.  Whew.  

It was a lovely trip and San Francisco was a lovely city, but I was definitely ready to come home to JMan and Cooper and my own bed. 

How was your weekend?  Do anything fun?  What San Francisco fun did I miss?  I'm sure a lot.