Sunday, March 4, 2012

I'm Off Running the Lincoln City Half Marathon!

Two half marathons two weekends in a row, can you believe it?  This is a fun, low-key race that we did last year so I would like to keep it a tradition of doing it every year.  Last year since I was coming off the ITB injury I only did the 10k, so this is the first time I've done the half marathon!

Ocean Lake Lincoln City, Oregon
That's a picture of Lincoln City, Oregon from their website.  I think it looks like that about 10 days a year.  The rest of the year looks like a rainy, stormy mess!

Last year the 4 of us did the 10k, and since everyone else in the world did the half marathon, we all got ribbons!  I am not expecting a ribbon this year.  

Hopefully we get weather like this again this year.

Since I still don't feel fully recovered from last weekend I just want to have fun, though running a sub 2 would be a nice touch, so we'll call that my goal.

Hope you're having a fabulous weekend!  What fun things are you up to?  Is it summer yet?


  1. Wow that is gorgeous! Hope you get nice weather!! Good luck good luck good luck!!! :)


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