Thursday, October 10, 2013

7 Summits Adventure Race

The good people at 7 Summits Adventure Race (7SAR) randomly contacted me last week and asked if I wanted to run their race this weekend.  I had NEVER heard of this race which was surprising since I'm often all over crazy adventures like this.  Which is why I figured maybe YOU hadn't heard of this race either and should!

The more I read about this race, the more intrigued I was.  It certainly does sound like an adventure.  The website could be more informative, but from what I've gathered it's either a 7 mile or a 3 mile obstacle course style race - with 20+ obstacles inspired by the 7 continents, and summiting the highest peak on each continent.  If you do the 3 mile race I think you only get to go through obstacles from 3 continents. 


The obstacles have weird funny names so you can't always tell what you'll be doing, but judging from their Facebook page pictures, there's definitely mud, wading through scary "South America" muddy ponds, barbed wire crawls, and a freaking ZIP LINE people.  How fun would that be???


The more I read about it, the more I REALLY wanted JMan and I to do it.  It seemed another opportunity to "feel like me again", and have an adventure together, which if I'd given you the chance to read my half-written half marathon report, you'd know what I was talking about! Ha. :-)  But after trying to find a babysitter to no avail, I gave up on that dream, and tried to convince some friends to do it with me.  Turns out everyone and their mom is either a) pregnant, b) already doing a race that weekend, or c) busy.  Turns out I should probably give people more than 5 days notice. 

 Photo: Here's another sneak peek at an obstacle you can expect to see this Saturday at #7SARSeattle! Here we are testing the Vacas Suckas water crossing in the South American portion of the course.

It doesn't help that although the race says "Seattle", it turns out it's actually in "McCleary", which I'd never even heard of and had to google.  Turns out it's actually EIGHT-ONE (yes, 81) freaking miles south of Seattle.  Anyway, so I'm not going to do the race, sadly.  But just in case you somehow can do it (it's THIS Saturday!), use this $70 off code (FB70) for the 7 mile race and $35 off discount code (FB35) for the 3 mile raceGo register here!  And please please PLEASE tell me everything and how much fun that zip line was. You can bet I plan on doing this race next year!

And yes, I promise someday to finish the 10 blog posts I have started, including the half marathon report, Baby J's 3 month update, his finished nursery, the books I've read lately, etc. etc. ETC.!