Sunday, December 8, 2013

I'm Going Streaking!

Ever since Ragnar my motivation to run has failed me.  It's just plain non-existent.  I don't know why.  Usually races like that fire me up to train even harder, but maybe since it's essentially the end of the season, there's no more races in sight (well, there WAS - the Seattle Half - but I guess I stopped caring about that), and the weather is just so dark and cold and rainy, plus have I mentioned I haven't been getting much sleep?  Oh, I haven't?

Anyway, on Thanksgiving the whole family was out for our own little turkey trot and I had an idea to keep myself motivated.  A timed mile.  I would run a timed mile on Thanksgiving, then again on New Years, and try to improve my time.  This seemed like a perfect goal since it doesn't require much actual running, so maybe I would actually do it.

Then I had another idea.  Runner's World has their "run streak" every year from Thanksgiving to New Year's, which involves just committing to running 1 mile every single day.  Why not commit to do this as well?  Lots of days I'm just so tired after work and playing with baby that I'm just exhausted and the couch calls to me.  But all I have to do is run for 10 minutes!  That seems doable.

So, here goes nothing.  My timed mile was 7:34.  JMan decided to do it too and his mile was 6:54.  I would LOVE for that to be my mile time someday.  One of my life goals is to someday run a mile that starts with 6.  I've never done it when I wasn't running down a mountain.

So who wants to streak with me?  I'm at 11 days and running right now.

How do you keep yourself motivated in the winter???