Monday, February 10, 2014

Veronica Mars for President

Oh hello!  How are you?  Whatcha been up to?  Here's the short version of what's been going on around here lately:

1.  Veronica Mars.

I had barely heard of this show and I can't even remember what made me finally watch an episode. After one episode, I wasn't a fan and I was ready to stop. But after two episodes, I was intrigued, and after 3, I was hooked. And now, after the first season, I'm about ready to proclaim it one of the best seasons of TV ever (except for season 3 of Lost, of course).

Speaking of Lost, weren't we surprised to come across this in season 2 of Veronica Mars!

Notice anything?!?!

So far season 2 isn't rockin' it as much for me, but I'll still keep at it until the end.

2.  Frozen.

Speaking of Kristen Bell, Lindsay, Robyn, and I recently unleashed our inner 9 year-olds and went to see Frozen. I know the whole world (and I think both L and R) loves that movie, but I thought it was just okay. Kristen Bell did rock it though and I'll definitely be downloading a few songs.

Honestly, I think I was most bothered by the incredibly tiny waists of the two main characters, princess Anna and princess Elsa (Veronica Mars and Elphaba, respectively). Brave seemed like we were on the right track to producing more realistic, self-reliant role models for our kids. And the story line gets it right, which is great.

But the teeny tiny waists and the huge eyes and the dainty arms - they're just plain ridiculous.  Or, maybe I'm just jealous?

3.  Snow!

We got some snow! After complaining that Portland stole all our snow it ended up perfectly - we got a lovely little snow day Sunday morning without being trapped at home or missing school (though a 2 hour delay would've been grand!  But no thank you to more make-up days).

I was able to get in a perfectly lovely peaceful pristine 5 mile run in the morning - it's wonderful when the only footprints are your own! But man is running in the snow hard.

Baby J wasn't too impressed with sledding, sadly, but he seemed to think the snowman was okay.

4.   Fitbit!  Or... not.

I got a fitbit! But, then, I returned it a week later.

Since Christmas I've been kind of ogling over them and I finally got one last weekend. It was cool knowing how many steps I take especially while working (it's a big range, from 2,500 one day to 7,500 another day!) and tracking my sleep at night. But, like I thought might be the case, in the end I think it's just an overpriced gadget that I don't need.

If it tracked my heart rate also I think that would be amazing and I would totally have kept it though. So fitbit, you should do that.

5. Baby J turned 7 months! 

He is not even remotely close to crawling or pulling himself up like some other baby prodigies I know, which worries me, but I'm sure he'll get there in his own time. Hopefully?

 Check out those baby leg rolls!

What have YOU been up to lately??