Monday, May 14, 2012

Seattle RnR Training Week #8

This post could also be called The Time I Barely Ran.  Or The Time I Failed At Marathon Training.  Or The Time I Got Really Paranoid About Injuries.  Or The Time My Legs Felt Like Crap.  You catch my drift.

I was tempted to not even post a marathon training update this week because I failed at everything so much and there's not much running-related things to even talk about.  Last week I was all "Rah-Rah-Rah I ran 20 miles and such" and this week I feel depressed and nervous.  Last week I was all "Oh my gosh what should I do, should I race a half marathon or run an extra 20 miler?" and this week I just want to FINISH a half marathon let alone ask for an extra 20 miler.

In conclusion, I guess I really wish that I was tapering because then not running would be commendable instead of terrifying. 

Monday - I biked 16 miles in the lovely sunshine at Cedar River!  It was wonderful.  I wish I had a trail like that right outside my house so I didn't have to drive so far out of the way to get there.  I want to bike there everyday.  And have it be summer all year round.

 I knew you wanted to see a picture of my helmet and my $1 Dollar Tree sunglasses.

Tuesday - I totally failed at Track Tuesday.  I ran 4 miles at Girls on the Run practice (a new record!  I couldn't believe I had enough time for that) and then went to meet Jordanne at the Track.  She bailed, and I did ONE, I repeat ONE lap around the track.  Total.  My legs were so sluggish and heavy, I knew there was no way I was doing any sort of track workout and if I stayed on the track I would leave asap.  So I took to the neighborhoods close by, so I wouldn't be so close to my car in moments of weakness!  Total running miles = 7.  

Wednesday - Wednesday are too busy, remember?

Thursday - I attempted to run.  And it went badly.  While my legs still felt heavy, this was stomach hurting and side-stitches galore problems.  After 1.6 miles I decided I would try again on Friday. 

Friday - I went out on attempt #2.  And it was horrible.  Again.  Everything hurt.  Nothing hurt seriously, but everything hurt minorly enough to worry me and send me into paranoia hypochondriac spirals.  Do you get those?  No, they're only for psychos?  Okay.  Well it was the outside of my foot, then my ankle, then my shin, then my ITB, then my right ITB (everything else was on my left side), then it cycled through again.  I made it 4 miles and called it a day.  Then I did a million exercises in an attempt to fix things - lunges, jumping jacks, planks, ITB exercises, push-ups, and foam-rolling like a boss. 

Saturday - 60 minutes on the recumbent bike plus 9 holes of golfing

Eventually I'll get you a full set of photos from every hole of the golf course we always play!

Sunday - I went back and forth about attempting a run today.  Before all these running struggles this week my goal would have been 12-15 miles.  But then I really thought about it, and although I fear for my goal times by taking time off, I would SO much rather FINISH the marathon (with or without a PR) than continue to struggle with all these random aches and pains or make things worse.  I don't have anything that seems SERIOUS but it's all a huge confidence buster.

Total miles for the week are a whopping 12.6.  FREAKING TWELVE POINT SIX.  That makes me sad just typing that.  But what can you do but try again tomorrow?

Want to make me feel better about how you came back from terrible weeks like these to PR like a boss?