Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Adventure Recaps: Cosmic Tubing

The snow is here!  It's a snow day for me today, and JMan gets to leave at noon (why they even had him drive in today seems awfully silly) so we have a big day of sledding ahead of us this afternoon.

Cool picture of my trash can.  I don't know how much snow that is but it's more than  Seattle normally sees!  4 inches?

In workout news, I swam 41 laps (2,050 yards) last night.  A new distance record!  Not much else to say about that.

So it's time to recap a weekend adventure!  This weekend we decided to try out cosmic tubing at Mt. Hood: on weekend nights they bust out the music, black lights, and strobe lights (think cosmic bowling).  A bunch of us headed up the mountain and enjoyed some Christmas cheer (what, it's January and too late to be drinking Christmas-themed drinks?  I doubt it) and racing down the mountain.  Granted, it would have been a lot more fun if the hill had been steeper / longer (TWSS), but it was still a blast.

The tubing hill
Yup.  I made that.  No big deal. 
Skiing is definitely an adventure in my near future. 

JMan and I at the lodge.  It was bitterly cold and my cheeks show it!
Ever tried cosmic tubing?  What should I do with my fabulous free time today?!


  1. I have never tried cosmic tubing but it looks completely AWESOME!!!!!!! I can't wait to get more snow :)

    1. The best part was the moving walkway that took you up the hill so you didn't get so tired walking back up the hill! I'm a lazy bum. :-)


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