Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Very Lovely Baby Shower

Last weekend I had a VERY lovely baby shower in Oregon.  I think there was 25+ people there and I felt VERY loved and VERY surrounded by VERY generous friends and family.  Overwhelmed by their generosity might be a better word for it.  Thank you thank you THANK YOU to absolutely everyone who is so wonderful. 

We kind of failed at taking a good group photo though.  

 Rachael made a freaking ADORABLE owl cupcake cake that I'm in love with. 

I've been bugging her for forever to start her own bakery, because her stuff is the BOMB.  I swear the frosting on these puppies had straight crack in it.  I may or may not have eaten SEVERAL tops of the cupcakes (i.e., the frosting alone!) after everyone left.  I'm not proud about it...

 Seriously - how adorable are these?

My Mom did an amazing job of running the games - she even had my all time favorite - the diaper candy bar game!  I consider myself quite the candy bar connoisseur, so I'm pretty sure I would have won this game had I played.  :-)  Though she did throw in some wild cards like Idaho Spud (ever had that?) and Rocky Road (my new favorite candy bar!). 

My friend Kasey who's in a race to the finish with me (though she'll probably win - she's due two weeks ahead of me) even made it out.  We enjoyed holding each other's bellies like idiots.  :-)

There were a TON of gifts and I went from feeling like we had NOTHING to feeling like we have TOO  MUCH.  We certainly have WAY too many clothes for newborn and 3 month olds, and way too many adorable socks / hats / bibs.  I'm excited to repay all the favors soon with my two friends that are pregnant but far enough behind me to reap the benefits of hand-me-downs (one is having a boy for sure, one doesn't know yet but I hope it's a boy!).

Four generations all together!

It was definitely a lovely day, and we're definitely also all idiots.  :-)

And I look HUGE in this picture.  It's so weird because sometimes I don't feel that big and then when I see a picture or catch myself in the mirror I'm kind of SHOCKED at how big I am.  Is that really what I look like?  Is that scale number really right?  Don't even get me started on that....

Next up - an organized nursery!