Thursday, June 27, 2013

Full Term, So Guess My Due Date!

Okay everybody, it's here, FULL TERM.  The baby can come healthily at any time.  What seemed SO INCREDIBLY far off in the future for so long is now here: 37 weeks.

So, when will the baby come?  Who's got a guess?  There's some watermelon Nuun in it for the winner!  Let's do a winner for who guesses the closest weight and height as well!  This is not the Price is Right people, so the winner will be the closest date (and time in cases where multiple people guess the same date) or height / weight whether you went over or under (so no "$1 Bob" answers!).

Let me give you ALL of the information I have though, which isn't much:

TMI, but I have extremely long and irregular cycles, which is why I was so surprised to find myself pregnant so quickly.  But this means that based on my last monthly period my due date should have been June 19.  Clearly, that's not right.

Based on my very first ultrasound in December (and they say the first estimate is supposed to be the most accurate), my due date was originally July 28.

My 13/14 week ultrasound, however, showed I was measuring quite a bit ahead of that, and they moved my due date up to July 18.  Based on this, the longest they would let me go would be 42 weeks, which would be August 1

My 20 week ultrasound showed the baby in the 75th percentile for size and an estimated due date of July 12.  The farther you are along, however, the more growth rates differ from baby to baby and the less accurate these estimates are, so my due date was not changed.

If I had my way (and assuming of course that everything was healthy!), I would LOVE the baby to come on July 4.

And finally, at my 36 week appointment last week my cervix was closed (no dilation) but 80% effaced.

So... what do you think?  What's your best guess?  Enter and win!!!  Make sure to give a date AND time!  And - who wants to guess the weight / length as well??

Any good advice for me on how you evicted your baby????