Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Baby J 4 Month Update

It's hard to believe little Baby J is now 4 months old! He's growing up so fast!
Let's see. What's new since our last update?

Stats. At 2 months Baby J was 12 lbs 5 ozs and 22.5 inches.  Our 4 month appointment puts him at 16 pounds 12.5 ounces (63rd percentile) and 26 inches (67th percentile). Considering he started out so little I think he's HUGE now! 

Cooper is not amused.

In terms of health, Baby J has had an annoyingly persistent case of cradle cap, but it seems to bother me more than him. On the other hand, his belly button hernia (where his intestines are literally pushing out 

of his belly button, kind of gross but apparently super common for the first year) has seemed to improve, if not disappear completely!

Baby J has officially rolled over! The crazy thing is the EXACT SAME DAY I typed the part of his last 3 month update post saying I never ever ever thought he would do it he did it that same night! He only does front to back (not back to front), he seems to use his massive head for leverage, and he certainly doesn't do it on demand or even every day.

Clearly this occurred on a Sunday and my husband is obsessed with his fantasy football team.  

Baby J is definitely grabbing things these days. He still doesn't seem to so it intentionally (as in, he's not reaching for toys much, but if you put them in his hand or he happens upon them he'll grab them).

He's also discovered his voice!  I've been practicing mamamamama with him but no luck yet.  :-)

Halloween happened! Child abuse much?  I really wanted him to be a monster for Halloween since he's a "Monster Baby".  Too bad he wasn't a fan. 

In terms of sleep, we're working on putting Baby J to bed "drowsy but awake" as every single sleep book says to do so so he'll learn to put himself to sleep. He's done it successfully a few times so far, but definitely has a sleep association of nursing to sleep.

We also invested in "Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit" after hearing Michelle's success and the first night IT WAS MAGIC. I was screaming (i.e. tweeting) it's praises from the rooftop. Then the 2nd night it wasn't even remotely magic.  The only thing that seems to be magic about it is helping baby go to sleep easier, especially after waking in the night.  But it has NOT helped him sleep longer.  I don't know if it's the 4 month sleep regression, him being in his own room, me being back at work full-time, no more swaddling, or WHAT (since all these things happened at kind of the same time) but his sleeping is worse than ever.  He wants to eat every 2-3 hours around the clock, including the night, and there's no consoling him with pacifiers or rocking.

 He looks pretty adorable in it though.
Also, we NEED to invent some product designed to get babies to sleep. I swear parents of infants are the #1 most desperate buyer very susceptible to false promises and impulse buys.  It's a gold mine.

And that's a wrap!  Once again, we're closer to 5 months than 4 at this point.  AND I promise you a Ragnar Vegas post SOOOON.  Probably.