Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The #1 Suckiest Blogger Award

Sorry team.  I know I'm sucking at blogging.  Even when I actually write a post (like yesterday, for example), it ends up being about 10 actual words and some very craptastic writing.  The normal award-winning (right?! ha) writing you're used to just isn't there.

It's not just that I'm busy.  I mean it is a little.  When I started this blog, I felt I had TONS of things to write about.  I was also kind of bored and I had lots of free time - there was a lull at work, it was winter, I was recovering from injury and not running much, there was a break for a bit with my school work, etc.  Then I became a Girls on the Run coach, started training for the marathon, school got crazier than ever, and now I've even gotten a harder more demanding job.

But I think it's more than just the time factor.  It's more like I just don't have anything to write about.  There's no long run or speedwork or races to discuss.  I'm not doing fun things every weekend like in the summer.  And unfortunately, most of what I do have to say seems to be negative and related to my hamstring, as Becky loves to point out.

This weekend my depression about my hamstring hit a new all-time low.  I kind of just felt like throwing in the towel.  There's no big races coming up, I'm not training for anything, it's dark, it's cold, yesterday was the worst day of the year (anyone else hate the time change with a passion?), etc.  So there could not be a better time to take a break from running.  I still feel skeptical about whether a break will even help my hamstring, since my 2-week break in September seemed to do little.  But it's worth a try.

Don't worry, I will still be running the Mustache Dache.  And probably the Seattle Half.  And likely any other fun blogger meet-ups I finagle an invite to.  So it won't be a total and complete rest.  But the majority of the time except for races / meet-ups - I'll rest.  

And I'll come back to blogging regularly someday.  Probably.  When I have something of interest to write about.