Monday, November 26, 2012


Sometime after I stuffed my face with stuffing, mashed potatoes, the best pear pecan salad in the world, and corn muffins, the cousins and I had a revelation.

As you may or may not know, JMan ran EVERY-SINGLE-DAY in October and lost about 15 pounds along the way.  It was very impressive and I'm so proud of him.  So we were all talking about that and how impressed we are, and we decided that December would become our RUNCEMBER.
After this decision we may or may not have found ourselves at the nearby track in the PITCH BLACK SCARINESS at 8:00pm Thanksgiving night timing our 400's.  This was AFTER having eaten a huge amount of food people.  It wasn't pretty.  And of the 5 of us, I got last with a 1:39.  I wasn't impressive.  

These were are 5 400 times and our cumulative time.  JMan got 2nd with 1:16.

But I digress.  You don't have to pre- and post-test your 400 times like us.  But you are more than welcome to do that if you'd like!  And you are also ALL invited to participate in what will go down as the legendary RUNCEMBER! 

Rules of Runcember:
  1. The first rule of Runcember is you don't talk about Runcember.
  2. The second rule of Runcember is YOU DON'T TALK ABOUT RUNCEMBER!
  3. You must run or walk at least one mile every single day in December.  No, you cannot run 31 miles all in one day.  Yes you can walk.  No playing basketball / Zumba / Soccer doesn't count.  It's called RUNcember people (or WALKcember), not SOCCERcember.
  4. You must log-in to the spreadsheet and enter your mileage.  
  5. You must be honest!
And that's it!  There may or may not be prizes, we'll see what I come up with.  It seems rather likely.  There also may or may not be prizes for both completing the challenge (i.e., everyone is eligible) and for "winning" the challenge with the most miles.  

So - how do you play?  Just go to the Google doc and sign up!  Then RUN!  Or walk.  And enter your mileage!  That's it, easy peasy. 
Here's the link to the spreadsheet.

Who's in???