Friday, November 16, 2012

Who Am I? A Flexible Person, That's Who.

I've been to THREE yoga classes this week.  THREE.  Count them, it's ridiculous and definitely a new record.  Who in the world do I think I am?  A flexible person, apparently.

It started on Sunday, when I ran 7 miles and then went to (regular) yoga after.  That's 1 of only 2 runs during November ladies and gents.  In October I ran 101 miles.  Halfway through November and I've ran 13.  Stellar.  But that's the point, I'm resting (for the most part)

Then I saw a Groupon for 20 Hot Yoga classes for $20.  And so we are now onto Method #1,053,487 of fixing my hamstring.  My chiro sessions have come to a halt as they're not exactly free.  20 hours of yoga is way cheaper than 20 hours of chiro.

Also, hot yoga is really freaking hot.  In case you weren't aware.

In other news, Saturday is the Mustache Dache!  80% chance of rain and upper 40's coupled with my slow running and it only being a 5k will likely result in me being VERY cold.  But it will be a blogger festival that involves wearing mustaches and brunch, so it sounds like a GRAND time to me!  I can't wait!

Will you be there?  Do you do hot yoga?