Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ode to Seattle Fall Weather

I'm not one to love on Seattle's weather.  The rain, the dreariness, oh man don't even get me started.  And I did feel a little cheated out of a "true" summer this year - with not many truly hot days to enjoy.  But I seriously take back most of my animosity thanks to this FABULOUS Fall we've been having.  Seriously, it doesn't get much better than this.  Day after day of 70+ degree weather, perfect blue skies and sunny days, oh it's lovely alright.  And unless I'm wrong (which is quite possible!) the last time we had measurable rainfall was sometime in July. 

Cooper loves this weather too.

And I enjoyed this weather all week!  I had a good week of workouts - I haven't been as proud of a week in a LONG time.  So let me brag about it a bit. 

Monday - 6 lovely miles in the sunshine I was just describing

Tuesday - Met Lisa and Jordanne for a running reunion, our first in FOREVER, and pumped out another 6 miles

Wednesday - Wednesdays are my proclaimed rest days this fall - too busy to ever think otherwise, so why try?

Thursday - I had a happy hour planned with a few colleagues, so running after a margarita and some fries was less than ideal, but I got 3 miles done just as the sky was darkening.

Friday - 30 boring minutes on the elliptical

Saturday - 12 (yes, TWELVE!) miles on the trail with Karla, Kerrie, Lindsay, and Alma!  It was AWESOME.  It was super chilly when we started at 7:30am but was a gorgeous day - but didn't take my long sleeve off until mile 10. 

I had Karla for 2 miles, Kerrie and Alma for 7 miles, Lindsay for 8, and then I pumped out 4 on my own.  The most I have done in a WHILE. 

The trail!  I'm pretty ecstatic about the new panorama feature on the iPhone. 

Sunday - After working for a bit, I rewarded myself (on ANOTHER wonderfully gorgeous day) with a biking trip on the trail - and I busted out 30 miles in 2 hours even!  A distance record on the bike for me (I think)!  

So yeah - 27 miles of running, 30 miles of biking, and 3 miles on the elliptical.  I'm going to call that a solid win for me this week.  :-)  

How was your weekend?  What did you do?  Did you race?  PR?