Thursday, October 11, 2012

A DNS of Sorts

I haven't had too many DNS (did not start) in my time, thankfully.  And as far as I can recall, I've NEVER had a DNF (did not finish), and I am extremely grateful for that.   But let's see... there was the 2009 Seattle Rock n' Roll Marathon, which became impossible after a half marathon left me with a broken fibula.  And there was the Pt. Defiance 50k...

Oh wait, that's this weekend.  So you all remember how I signed up for the Pt. Defiance 50k?  Maybe not, because I didn't make a very big deal about it, mostly because I never truly felt truly committed to it.  I always knew that the 15k or the 30k were back-up plans, since the race offers all 3 distances.  I did make a training calendar, but since I've been hurt since Ragnar in July I wasn't healthy when it was time to start training so I never really felt like it was truly going to happen.

Flashback: It's July pre-hamstring injury and I'm running the race's trails at Pt. Defiance and LOVING IT! 

Okay, okay, I am a little sad about it.  Okay, you got me, I'm a bit devastated.  It mostly comes out in bitter rage, but no big deal.  Lindsay is still doing it, and she is going to ROCK IT (go tell her good luck right now!).  I truly try to contain my bitter temper tantrums when I imagine her finishing rocking dominating the race and becoming an ULTRA MARATHONER!

Don't worry, my jealousy will pass.  And I AM still running, just the 15k instead of the 50k.  So it's not really a true DNS.  I guess.  There will be a 50k in my future, I know it.  And this weekend, I will try my hardest to be the best crew there is!  YOU GOT THIS LINDSAY!  

Tell me about all of your DNS / DNF.   Any tips for Lindsay or my future ultramarathoner self?