Friday, October 26, 2012

This Post Will Not Be Riveting

This post will not be exciting.  It will not be long.  It will not be ground-breaking.  But I will try to keep it upbeat after Monday's Debbie Downer post

On September 26, 2012, I made some vows.  I vowed to not run fast for one whole month to allow my hamstring to heal.  I promised I wouldn't run a single mile in the 8's.  I told you I would make a doctor appointment, and I promised to take walk breaks.  And I am happy to report that it is now one month later and I stood by this rule. 

So last night, I went for a run like normal.  I was not planning on doing anything to celebrate this one month anniversary of my vows.  My lovely mother entertained me on the phone for the first 40 minutes of my run.  And you guys, she didn't even know I was running!  Near the 4 mile mark, she was like, "Are you at home yet?"  She thought I was DRIVING!  So that says something.  Apparently I wasn't huffing and puffing like normal.  But after we hung up, I realized it was DARK.  And I still really wanted to hit 6 miles.  So I started booking it.

So on October 25, 2012, exactly one month after my promises, I ran exactly one mile in the 8's.  Yes, fast(ish) for me is now high 8's, a 8:41 to be exact.  Hard to believe that two months ago I was rocking Hood to Coast legs in the 7's.  But that doesn't matter!  I ran one mile in the 8's!  And my hamstring didn't even feel that horrible! 

Congrats to me!  :-)  And Happy Friday to us all.