Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Some Really Wild Weekend Shenanigans

I already told you all about how I enjoyed the lovely weather this weekend.  There were a few other, pretty non-exciting shenanigans that also occurred.  I know you're dying to know all about it.  My life is riveting, I tell you. 

1)  I tried out my new shoes!  JMan, that dear boy, let me buy some Brooks PureFlows, after a few months of ogling over them.  When I bought the PureConnects I seriously could not decide between the two shoes, so I was really excited to finally get these, AND I even got them in the beautiful Women's colors for once!  I wear a 10.5 which is not a typically carried size so I usually have to get a 9 in Men's instead. 

2)  When I rode my whopping 30 miles along the river I discovered something peculiar... a TON of SOCKEYE SALMON! 

See all those dark shadows?  Those are HUGE salmons!  
Salmon?  Salmons?  I'm not sure.

Apparently they are busy making the pilgrimage up the river to spawn and then die (kind of sad, eh?).  There was a gate set up and a cage to catch some to take somewhere (clearly I don't pay much attention - I have no idea why). 

These are the dead ones that didn't make it past the gate.  Poor little guys. 

But here's one salmon that nearly didn't make it - but PERSEVERANCE paid off!  :-)  Anyway, I found it entertaining, and I bet my parents will too!  (you're welcome Mom and Dad)

3)  We went back to Total Wine (remember the awesome new grocery store filled with every beer, wine, and liquor in the WORLD)?!  I wasn't feeling beer this weekend so I ventured into the flavored vodkas aisle.  Can you guess which one I bought???  I'll give you a hint - the PB&J vodka was $50, so I didn't buy that one even though obviously it would have been my top choice. 

4)  I told you we lead crazy lives.  The huge hydrangea bushes in the backyard, which are usually half dead and have never looked too healthy, and are slowly taking over the sideyard, finally wore me down.  An hour later they were gone, and I was kind of regretting my decision, since it doesn't look so good right now! 
Suggestions of what to do with that space?

And there you have it.  A martini-drinking, salmon-watching, purple-shoe-wearing, hydrangea-cutting-down weekend in the sun.  We ARE a wild bunch.