Friday, October 5, 2012

Gettin' Down On Friday

HAPPY FRIDAY!!  I'm so glad it's finally here. 

1)  GUESS WHAT?  I won Runner Maybe's Mustache Dache race entry giveaway and I am RAGINGLY excited.  Not going to lie, I was feeling pretty good about my odds since I held the majority of the entries (I went all out with all the different methods of entry!) so I decided not to register before the price increased October 1.  A gamble that paid off in spades. 

Seriously - how fun does this look?!

2)  My running has been decent this week!  I ran 6 miles on Monday, then on Tuesday I had my first real running reunion with Lisa and Jordanne since.... our 17 miler sometime around April 12?!?!  That is WAY TOO LONG.  Anyway, we ran 6 miles and did some random strength training exercises (Lisa is my new coach!) that made me feel super weak.  Bring it on Lisa - I need my butt whipped into gear.  And then yesterday I ran 3 more miles!  So yay me on weekly miles this week and not being as lazy as usual. 

3)  Did you win my Endorphin Warrior bracelet giveaway?!?!  #42 was the lucky winner, according to anyway, so if your name is Gabrielle, then you won!  Congratulations!

Please email me at with your bracelet of choice, your bracelet size, plus your name and mailing address.  If you didn't win, just drop major hints with your significant other / parents / children / dog.  I think they make fabulous Thanksgiving presents.  Oh, your family doesn't "do" Thanksgiving presents???  Better start...!

4)  What's the deal with Gangnam Style?  I'm kind of confused by this fad.  This song is EVERYWHERE.  On during sporting events, on SNL, etc.  I'm just not sure I get it?

Can you please explain it to me??

Have a great weekend peeps!  What do you have planned for the weekend?  Anything fun?  How far are you running?  Are you racing?  Are you doing the Mustache Dache with me?