Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Vow, A Promise, Some Goals

Okay peeps.  Now that I feel like my hamstring is on the mend, I need a plan.  I need some goals.  I need to make some promises.  I need to be careful; I need to baby my hamstring.  If I'm going to get better for real, I need to make it a priority.  And this means not doing my normal Ricole-esque situation, which involves getting all hopped up on running and running a billion miles super fast right away.  No, Ricole, No.

I also have to address another issue super quickly - and that involves seeing a doctor.  Several of you have asked me about that and I agree, at this point seeing a doctor would be smart.  I do kind of hate sports medicine doctors as I've never seen one that actually helped me.  So I do have a vendetta against them, that's true.  But also, since I switched jobs I unfortunately don't have insurance right now, so I've been waiting until that kicks in October 1.  While I still don't really want to see a doctor, I do want to see a PT and a massage therapist, and the doctor is the avenue to those other things. 

So here we are - my promises.  For the NEXT MONTH, so until October 25, 2012, I vow to:
  • I Will Run SLOW.  Seriously slow.  I will run no miles in less than 9 minutes, and they should be closer to 10.  NO MILES LESS THAN 9!  
  •  I Will Take Walk Breaks.  Walk breaks must be taken at least once every 3 miles, preferably more often.  
  •  I Will Take Short, Slow Steps.  I Will Avoid Hills.  This goes along with #1 - I will run SLOW and SHORT steps - I will not lengthen my stride, even if a coyote is chasing me.  Okay, maybe then I will.
  • I Will Strengthen My Leg Muscles.  We all know the #1 cause of most running injuries is weak glutes.  Whether that's my problem or not, they certainly could use some strengthening, as could the obvious culprit, my hamstring.  I've been doing eccentric hamstring exercises with a band and need to continue doing them.  I will make a real effort to strength training my legs at least 2-3 times a week even if for only 10 minutes at a time.  
  • I Will Adhere to the 10% Rule.  No getting over exuberant and running 31 miles in a 50k race I'm signed up for just because I really want to...! 
  • I Will Make a Doctor Appointment.  There - are you happy??!!  I know you were waiting for that one.  I definitely want a sports massage.  
You'll notice that there's no distance rules.  My hamstring doesn't seem to really mind distance (although the most I've done recently is 8 miles), it's the lengthening of your stride during speed and hills that aggravates it so. 

And those, my friends, are my very important vowels for the next month.

What do you think?  Ever force non-time-related goals on yourself like me?