Thursday, September 13, 2012

Top 15 Things to do in Kauai Part 2 (of 3)

So yesterday we covered #11-15 of the top 15 to do in Kauai.  I must tell you though, there are a few things we didn’t do which others might recommend.  Many were crazed about helicopter tours – since you can’t reach the Na Pali coast without a 22 mile (round trip) hike or on a boat or on a helicopter.  Helicopters aren’t for us and I couldn’t convince JMan to make the 22 mile hike (shocker).  Others also recommended going to the tropical botanical gardens.  Nah, that’s not for us.  Finally, many recommend kayaking in various places, and I DO wish we had done that, but at the time it just seemed like an expensive hassle.   

So the next 5 things you should do in Kauai:

10)  Read at the pool.  Sit in the hot tub.  Relax.  Having time to read is one of my favorite things about vacations.  Plus pina coladas aren't too shabby either.  And if you loved Hunger Games and you already read Divergent... now check out Across the Universe!

9)  Take a bath at Queen's Bath.  I imagine when conditions are right, Queen's Bath is a rather lovely place to go.  It's basically a decent-sized salt-water swimming pool created by tidepools and the incoming ocean, with fish to look at and nice calm water.

For example - someone else's experience with Queen's Bath, which is how the Guide Book looked:

But when we got there, which, in Queen's Bath's defense, was on the most rainy and worst-day-weather-wise of the trip, this is more like what it looked like: 

So no, we didn't swim in it. We're not THAT adventurous.  No need to add 2 more tally's to that sign today.

8)  Observe the local wildlife.  Donkeys are the best.  And who doesn't like an ENDANGERED Hawaiian Monk Seal?  I was excited to see that little guy. 

7) Watch the sunrise (or the sunset if you’re not staying on the east side).  This is easy because you're already naturally up early thanks to the time change!  Therefore my favorite activity became walking the beach as the sun came up. 

6) Walk on the beach.   Better yet – RUN on the beach if you’re not a hamstring-gimp like me.  Seriously - do views get any better than this?  Better soak them in while you're there. 

Come back tomorrow for the epic conclusion to this amazingly riveting trilogy!  I know you can't WAIT to find out what the top 5 things were!  :-)

How far are you running today / yesterday / tomorrow?  Make me jealous with your running stories.