Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Post Hood to Coast Festivities

It's hard to believe that in just under 29 hours we made it from here:

To here:

We made it!  It took 28 hours, 46 minutes, and 30 seconds - good enough for 6th place in the Corporate Women Division (for some reason the other 2 teams were in Women's Open and we were in Corporate Women).  Don't ask how many teams were in our division though... (only 9!).  WE STILL ROCKED!

Being in Van 1 is DEFINITELY the way to go, for a million different reasons.  You get to see the gorgeous mountain.  You usually have better running times / sleeping times though because of our late start I'm not sure that was the case this time.  You miss out on most of the traffic.  AND MOST IMPORTANTLY - you get to the beach party FIRST with time to shower and relax before you meet your team at the finish.

Since we were nearly the last team to finish, the beach party was already in full effect by the time we got there and was very busy. 

We had to stop by and say hi to the Nuunies!

We had a lovely gorgeous sunset going on

And then FINALLY our team was there!  Running on the sand when your quads are already starting to feel sore is not easy.  The run to the finish with our runner was more like a sad little shuffle of soreness. 

Then we were off to the Nike VIP tent (woot!) for some beers and BBQ and talk.  I didn't last long though - it was pretty chilly out and I was starting to get reeeaaaallllyyyyy tired.  Some of the young-ens headed out to the bar after - I headed to my warm cozy bed. 

And just like the end, the weekend I'd been looking forward to for MONTHS was over.  I feel a bit depressed.  I don't want the relay madness to end! 

The End.