Saturday, January 14, 2012

Who's Excited for the Olympic Trials?

I am I am! If only I could run even within an hour of the 2:45 qualifying time needed to get in!

Who's it going to be?

                        Desiree?                          Shalane?                         Kara?           source

Will all three make it on the team?  Or none?  I CAN'T WAIT TO FIND OUT!  I am beyond jealous of those who will actually be in Houston today, cheering their guts out.  I have a definite loyalty to Kara after reading her book, though I'm definitely mostly looking for an amazing, nail-biting-worthy race. 

My TV is ready to be tuned to NBC today at 12:00pm and my snacks are ready (hey, I need some quick energy-in-the-form-of-sugar just like the athletes!).  The tough part remaining involves not checking Twitter, Facebook, CNN, TV, etc. etc. etc. so I don't know who wins before I watch.  WHY IS IT NOT LIVE PEOPLE?  Why?  It will be just like that episode of How I Met Your Mother when the gang didn't want to find out who won the Superbowl.  EXACTLY the same as that. 


Will you watch?  Who are you cheering for?  Have you read Kara's book?