Thursday, January 12, 2012

To Blog or Not to Blog?

That certainly seems to be the question.  I've been on the fence for so long.  In fact, I created this blog long ago, intending to join the blogging running world.  I've been an avid runner / fake blogger since 2008, but it's only been in 2011 that I've become a silent stalker of so many of your blogs, and have since become disenfranchised with my own pitiful blog, which is basically Daily-Mile-esk but with a bit more room for writing, mainly for tracking running miles / work-outs.  But as I follow more and more running blogs I feel more and more like I want to be a part of that community! 

Meet Cooper.  He's dressed like a chicken.  He's also unsure about this whole blogging thing. 
Isn't he adorable?  You better have said yes.

So why the hold-up?  Many reasons.  The time commitment, for one.  It seems to take an awful lot of work to get people to actually read your blog, and do I really have time for that?  Then there's the question of if I really want people to read it or not!  Having people read it means you actually should write interesting, well-written things, instead of just my boring-old blog posts: "I rode the bike trainer for 45 minutes while watching The Biggest Loser".  That's seriously what I write most days!  This goes right along with point #3: Do I really want to share my life with the public?  And again, if I do, my life's not all that interesting!

But despite all these "cons", here I am.  About to press publish.  And leap into the blog world.  At least until I disable it a few hours later.