Monday, January 30, 2012

Awesome Shoes Make Life Better

On Cyber Monday (the Monday after Black Friday for those that aren't crazed bargain-shoppers) Amazon had a big shoe sale and I stocked up on another pair of my beloved Saucony Mirages, even though I didn't need new ones just then (see Husband, that's saving money not spending!).  But today was FINALLY the day that they got to come out of the closet to play.  My other, more boring, plain blue, Saucony's have about 339 miles on them (I track miles on shoes and you should too!) so they're not dunzo yet but it's finally time to bring these babies into the rotation:

Seriously, how awesome are they?  It's okay, you can ogle and tell me how jealous you are.  I find that the longer I've been a runner, the more flamboyant, if you will, that I have become with my running style.  I'm more into sparkly-ness (note my headband I wore today), more into anything bright, neon, or involving glitter, and am especially into costumes (anyone else have ideas for my Princess Half costume?!).

So why should you track your shoe's miles, you ask?  I'm no expert, but if you're even remotely injury-prone like me, your shoes can make a BIG difference.  While they might not heal an already occurring injury, the right shoes can certainly help prevent future ones.  One of Runner's World's 10 Laws of Injury Prevention, in fact, is "Get Shoes That Fit"!  Experts vary a bit on how many miles you can get out of your shoes, but many agree that it is around 300-500 miles, depending on your gait, weight, injury-prone-ness, etc., and generally depending on your tolerance less shoe is better.  I'm very injury prone so I like to stay on the low end of that mileage number.  I've tried a lot of running shoes (including going minmalist / barefoot-esque, but that's for another post), but for now, my Saucony Mirages seem to be working with me.  And if it ain't broke, why fix it?

Ready for my long run!  I tried wearing shorts over my tights today because my thighs get beet red from the cold.  And I like to give thumbs-ups.
On Saturday my beautiful shoes and I met Jordanne, Lisa, and Anya at Soos Creek Trail for a lovely run.  Sights seen included horses, goats, ducks, black ice, forest, and a few shoe compliments, from my running mates AND two strangers!  12.17 miles total in 1:58 (AP: 9:42/mile).  I felt great and was having a grand time until the last mile or so when I. Wanted. To. Die.  Talk about difficult.  I have a ways to go getting back in shape.  Fabulous company and a great start to my Saturday though!

Afterwards I tried to do right by my injury-prevention plan and foam-rolled, iced, and drank milk.  But the cat drank my recovery milk!  Silly cat, milk is for runners.  Have you heard that milk (including chocolate milk!) provides the perfect ratio of carbs and protein to fuel your muscles post-workout?  Even better than sports drinks.  Sidebar: in this case dairy milk produces better results than soy milk.  

Cooper is also a rather flamboyant runner - he's sporting his Brooks "Run Happy" bandana. :-)  

In blogging news, I installed Intense Debate to improve the comments section, which I really hate about Blogger.  However, the problem with this new feature, though I love the new look, is that it doesn't seem to automatically send you an email if I reply to your comment.  You have to select to receive follow-up comments.  Does anyone have any thoughts / ideas / suggestions?  Please leave me a comment so I know it's working!

Do your track your shoe mileage?  Are you a flamboyant runner like me or more low key?  :-)  And please give me costume ideas for the Princess Half Marathon next month!