Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Making Headway on 2 Summer Goals

This week I made some progress on two of my summer goals.

Monday - 6 miles of running in 52 minutes

Tuesday - 1,900 yards (38 laps) of swimming in about 40 minutes.  First 800 was done in 12-13 minutes!  I felt better at swimming, and was going to do more until I got kicked out of the pool for water aerobics. 
Wednesday - I went trail running!  Remember how I wanted to trail run this summer, and I revealed my next big race of the Pt. Defiance Trail Run (distance to be determined)?!   The trail running was HOT, but still lovely.  And 6 miles were pumped out in just a little over an hour. 

It seriously doesn't get much better than this.

Thursday - I did a BRICK workout!  Remember how my 2nd summer goal was to do a TRIATHLON?!  Well whoa, look at me, using triathlon terminology and all that.  That's right, a BRICK workout, my friends, is a bike workout followed by running.  But really, I would imagine it's doing any two activities back-to-back.  Like when I eat ice cream and then I eat some sour patch kids.  I'd imagine it's exactly like that.  I biked 15.4 miles in an hour and then ran 3.5 miles. 

Did you know it's kind of hard to run after you've been biking?  I bet you did.  But if you didn't, uh, it is.  Your legs feel all weird and heavy like you're running through 4 feet of water.  You're running in slow motion despite your best efforts.  It's unexpected. 

Friday - TGIF so hangin' (walkin' 3 miles) with Mr. Cooper

Saturday - 8 miles of hiking Mt. Si!  About 3 of these miles were running downhill.  I meant to run more on Saturday but the hike was much more difficult than expected and my legs were THRASHED by the end.  

Sunday - About 5 miles of running around (1 mile probably actually running) cheering at the Lake Stevens Half Ironman!  Again, I intended to do a long run but my quads (especially my right one) are so incredibly sore from the hike.  Came home and walked with Cooper another 1+ miles. 

And that was my week!  I feel much better about this week than last week.  I swam, biked, hiked, and ran.  I ran trails and I did a brick workout.  I sat on the couch much less than last week!  SUCCESS!  Although I still haven't done a long run since the marathon, and that's bad.  Especially with RAGNAR coming up next weekend!  So exciting! 

Total running miles = 20. 

How was your week?  What did you do this weekend?