Friday, July 20, 2012

Ragnar Preview!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE RELAYS!  Did you know?  I bet you did.  And oh my gosh, Ragnar Northwest Passage came out of NOWHERE.  Can you believe it's already starting TODAY?!?!!!?  I am off and running it AS WE SPEAK.  It seems every person in this area is running it, which is awesome, but also bad because it seems like every single team (including my own!) needs a runner!  Whoops. 
We signed up for this race after we got rejected from Hood to Coast (but I still get to do it with Nuun - lucky me!), but somehow we still struggled to come up with enough runners. 

I'll be rockin' leg #6 - which is the longest leg in Van #1 but only the #3 longest set of legs overall (Van #2 has some TOUGH sets of legs!).  Update: after I typed this I realized they had suddenly CHANGED THE LEGS at the last minute because of road construction!  Who does that?  I now only have 15 miles instead of 18, which is the average for Van #1.  I'm kind of sad about it, and JMan (who received most of the 3 miles taken away from me) isn't too pleased either.  Boo.   But here's what I'll be running:

Leg #6:  "Hard" 6.5 miles through Bellingham.  Overall loss of elevation but elevation gain of 292 feet.  This will be my leg in the smack middle of the heat of the day and will probably be the roughest. 

Leg #18:  "Moderate" 5.5 miles through La Conner.  Whoa crazy flatness.  What road is naturally this flat?!  This will be my "night" leg, though I might end up with two night legs or I might get lucky and get two "dusk" legs, we'll see how the chips fall. 

Leg #30:  "Easy" 3.5 miles through Coupeville.  This was actually a shock to me when I started writing this post because this leg drastically changed from 6.5 to 3.5.  And now apparently it's just an "out and back" that they just made up to get me some mileage - it makes no progress towards Whidbey!  Sigh.  Oh well. 

I'm so excited!

Have you ever done a Ragnar race?  Or a relay?  Which ones and when and what was your experience like?  Have great weekends peeps!