Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ragnar Northwest Passage Relay Recap - Part I

So I know you all hate multi-part recaps, but sometimes... you just can't help it.  It's not even that I have so much to say about the race that I really need at least 3 parts... but it's just that I have way too many pictures to have it just be one part!  So this is just the week of Ragnar. 

As you all know, I LOVE relays.  JMan called this "my Vegas" (he has a Vegas trip with his friends every year that he looks forward to all year), and so now I'm so sad that it's over!  EXCEPT.... HOOD TO COAST WITH TEAM NUUN!  Yessss I can't wait for August 24!

Anyway, back to the task at hand.  Ragnar Northwest Passage was this weekend, and it did not disappoint.  Tons of laughs, lots of ridiculousness, plenty of running, and an abundance of gorgeous views, kind of like this one at the start in Blaine:

As you might recall, JMan's Valentine's Day gift to me was that he would do this race, since I've been begging him all year.  I also promised I would never ask him to do one again if he hated it... so I will have to try extra hard to abide by that promise!

He's having fun?

My awesome amazing Dad agreed to be one of our volunteers at the race, and he worked the start line.  He was a real trooper, since not only did he have to be there at 4:30am but it also RAINED much of the time.  He ROCKS. 

We did the safety briefing, checked-in, got our gear (bibs, t-shirts, flags), and then we were off!

Kevin started us off with Leg #1.

Justin took over from Kevin for Leg #2 - and he dominated his long leg - pretty much the longest he's ever run at 6.8 miles.  HE DOMINATES! 

More beautiful Pacific Northwest views seen during the first set of legs: Birch Bay.

Then it was Jordanne's, Andy's, and Kasi's turn.  I was getting SO antsy to run this whole time!  Going last isn't my favorite thing.

Until finally it was MY turn!  Did I mention our team name was "We're Sexy & We Know It" and we went with the LMFAO theme?  Well, we interpreted that as all neon all the time:

I know my outfit is awesome. 

And then I was off on a 6.4 mile jaunt through Bellingham!

Friday at 1:21 pm
Total Distance: 6.40 miles     Total Time: 51:08      Average Pace: 7:59
Splits:  8:58, 7:32, 8:10, 7:51, 7:56, 7:43, 7:24 (.4)

Total elevation gain of 195 feet.

This first leg is totally already a blur, which I don't know how that's possible.  The scenery wasn't anything special, though I did run by some adorable old houses in Bellingham.  I definitely felt that first hill, and I am proud of pumping out all those sub-8 miles, which so rarely happens in everyday life. 

Handing off to Ben - our first runner in Van 2! 

And then we were all done with our first set of legs!  We set off for Burlington, where our second set of legs would start.  We stopped for some hamburgers and a beer at "Train Wreck Bar & Grill", where the food was delicious but the timeliness was horrific (apparently they weren't ready for the onslaught of Ragnarians!).

Come back tomorrow for Part II.... if you dare!