Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Training for Random Events Week X

Since I seem to be training for a variety of different events (i.e., the Danskin Triathlon in 3 weeks and Hood to Coast in 4 weeks) plus several "possible events" (i.e., Pt. Defiance 50k and California International Marathon, better known as CIM), we'll just call this "Training for Random Events".  And whew, that was a long and tedious sentence.

Look, I'm getting "Nuun-tattooed"!  Thanks Holly!

So, last week.  It happened.  I completed a lot of workouts.  But I also rested a lot of days.  Resulting in a weird combination of many "double-days" and also many "do nothing" days.  I don't call that a win.

Monday - One of the "do nothing" days

Tuesday - 8 miles (my longest run since the marathon, if you can believe it!) of trail running.  It was lovely, but I was a sweaty mess by the end.

 1,268 feet of elevation gain in 8 miles - not too shabby!

Wednesday - A "triathlon" day!  That's right, I ended up not only doing a double but a triple workout.  Jordanne and I were supposed to practice "open water" swimming, but instead we went to the pool.  FAIL.  We suck.  After a mile of swimming (40 minutes), JMan and I had a lovely dinner at 5 Guys.  But then I decided to take to the bike for 15+ miles and an hour.  THEN I decided why not do a little "legs feel like bricks" post-cycling running and did 2 miles of running.  WHEW.

On Wednesday I had these gorgeous flowers waiting to surprise me.  Isn't JMan the best?!

Thursday - Whoops, another "do nothing" day

Friday - 5 miles of running in the morning, 1 mile of swimming in the evening

Saturday - 9 miles of running (NOW this is my longest run since the marathon!).  I wanted it to be 10-12 but my glute was not having it.  It has been displeased since Ragnar.

Sunday - All I did besides "do nothing" was pick about 10 pounds of blackberries


And there you have it folks. 

Total running miles = 24.

This week: less "do nothing" days.  A run longer than 9 miles.  More than 24 total miles.  Get 'er done. 

How was your week?  Do you pick blackberries?  It seems early for them, but I can't wait to make some freezer jam!  What's your favorite berry?  How was your weekend?