Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ragnar Northwest Passage Relay Recap - Part III

Are you ready for the CONCLUSION TO THE EPIC TRILOGY??!!??!!  I bet you are.  You're all, "when will you EVER stop talking about RAGNAR?!?!  Get on with your life already".  And I will.  Soon.  But not today.

When we last left off (Part I and Part II) we had just woken up from our 2.5 hours of rest and headed off to meet Van #2.  We were all pretty tired but I was actually feeling pretty good!  Just sad that I had to wait so long to run again and get my run out of the way.  That's definitely the worst part of being Runner #6.  But everyone except Andy had shorter runs for this leg which was nice and greatly appreciated.

Kevin and Justin started us off:

Wait.  That's not Kevin you say!  Well there were no pictures of him.  Sorry Kevin.

Then it was Jordanne, Andy, and Kasi's turn:

And finally Kasi was running in to slap my hand (that's what you do when you lose your official snap bracelet!).

And then I was off for the 3rd and final time, on a 3.4 mile out-and-back jaunt in Coupeville, Washington.

Saturday at 8:38 am
Total Distance: 3.41 miles     Total Time: 26:27    Average Pace: 7:46
Splits:  8:15, 8:12, 7:05, 7:14 (.41)

As I mentioned before, there was some road construction that forced a change in my original leg (scheduled to be 6.5 miles), forcing them to basically "make-up" some mileage for me to run just to have a leg at all.  So I did an out-and-back that in no way helped our progress from "Blaine to Whidbey".  Although it seemed dumb, it was fun to do the out-and-back because everyone was happy to be on their last leg and telling each other "Great Job!" and slapping hands.  Plus I got to see my favorite costume - Luigi - and he did a little Nintendo video game jump for me. :-)

 Total elevation gain of 158 feet

It was uphill on the way out and then downhill on the way back, and I decided why not go big or go home on your very last leg, right?!  I was really trying for a sub-7 mile but the little uphill at the end ruined those chances, but I was still super proud of my 7:05.

And then I got there... and... NO RUNNER!!!  Apparently even though we texted them that I was running and even though they were at the exchange, Van #2 was not waiting for me in the chute.  So I stood around.  And stood around.  The rest of our van were all on a mass man-hunt to find them... and finally... there Ben was!  It was probably only a few minutes but it felt like an eternity to just stand there like an idiot!  But I was done!

I'm finally all done! 

And then we headed off to the finish line to wait for our team.  We got there before much of anything was set up or ready, but we googled restaurants in the area and we didn't find many that were open yet either.  So we were kind of at a loss of what to do. 

Finally they opened the beer garden so we headed in there for a few beers, and finally the free pizzas arrived so we grabbed ours, but it still seemed like we waited... and waited... and WAITED!

And when our runner finally got there the other van still wasn't there yet so we WAITED some more!  But finally FINALLY we all ran through the finish and got our sweet medals:

Biggest most heavy-duty medal I have to date.  It's also a bottle opener, no big deal.  

Team Sexy & We Know It DOMINATED Ragnar in 29.5 hours!

We didn't stick around after that, as we were hoping to beat the masses on the ferry back to Seattle, which we did - we got right on.  It sounds like the wait for the ferry later was upwards of 2 hours - ouch!

And this is what the team looked like on the ferry.

And we got one last fabulous view of the weekend:

After some fabulous and much-needed showers, we put our medals to good use:

 Turns out these were actually twist-offs. 

Total Distance Across the 3 Legs: 15.4 miles
8.4 (more than half!) of those miles in the 7's.  Boo-yah.

I love relays.  I'm sad it's over.

Did you make it through the trilogy?!?!  Sorry I had to do that to you.  Ever done a Ragnar or relay?  Do you want to now?