Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ode to JMan

Sunday was JMan and I’s 6th anniversary!  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY JMAN!

I cannot believe it’s already been 6 years since our wedding day.  That’s ridiculous and makes me feel old.  I’m too young to have been married for 6 years!  

Yes Cooper was there (of course!) and yes he wore a tuxedo!

That day remains one of the best of my life.  Possibly THE best.  Besides the day I first tried white chocolate wonderful peanut butter, anyway.  

Speaking of peanut butter, we like to do the “traditional” gifts and this year JMan had it SO easy because the 6-year gift is “candy”.  Seriously, could it be any easier to get me a candy-related present?  

JMan is my rock, partner in crime, my confidante (thank you for being a friend), my fellow lover of shenigans.  He deserves a medal for putting up with a crazy like me, and also for being the ultimate supporter of all running-madness.  

Here’s to (at least!) 6 more years together!  :-)