Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cake Pops Are Divine

This weekend there’s not much to report.  While I did lots of fun things, I took zero pictures which makes the report a lot less enjoyable for you (oh wait, is it ever enjoyable? Don’t answer that…). 

There were shenanigans with our best buds Jordan and Rachael.  This was the last time we’ll hang out with them before they’re officially parents!  Their first daughter is due at any minute (I tried to coax her out this weekend but I failed).  

There was movie watching.  We saw Ted, which I thought was okay.  JMan was dying to see this so it was never my first choice, but there were funny parts, and it certainly could have been WAY worse.  So I’ll call that a win.  

There was a burger cook-off, with our secret weapon: pretzel rolls from Costco.  I am OBSESSED with these, if you haven’t had them you must run, don’t walk, to Costco and buy some.  I fear they may be a limited commodity.  

 Best burger in the US of A

There was game-playing and hot-tubbing and garage-sale-ing.

There was cake pop making!  After Rachael heard about Leandrea and I’s failed attempts at cake-pop making she stepped in for an intervention.  It was a complete and utter SUCCESS.  A very very very delicious success. 

Then I headed to the beach for a night where there was lots of walking on the beach, some running on the beach, more hot-tubbing, and lots of gymnastic Olympic trials watching.

 Look how gorgeous the beach was!  Don't be deceived though - it was VERY windy.

And last but not least, JMan and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary.

 We like to match.

So yeah, I’d call it a pretty good weekend overall.  

What did YOU do this weekend?