Monday, July 9, 2012

Watching the Fireworks in Style

So the 4th of July was pretty much the best day ever.

Not only did I start it out with the 1st Annual 4th of July Mimosa 10k Fun Run, but then we proceeded to get on a BOAT to watch the fireworks.

That's a sparkler, in case you live under a rock. 

Watching the fireworks on a boat is definitely DEFINITELY the preferred method.  I will no longer ever be satisfied by watching them from land. 

Yes, I am a professional photographer.  Thanks for asking. 

And did I mention that SUMMER FINALLY came to Seattle - and we were hit with the most gorgeous sunny day ever? 

 Seriously a perfect day.

The day was perfect at least until I came home and remembered that Cooper is a freak / nervous Nelly and tore a hole in the carpet in fear of the fireworks.  Fireworks and thunderstorms happen so rarely that I always forget about this little quirk of his.  Goodbye hallway carpet.

 But how could you ever stay mad at this face?!

What did YOU do on the 4th?  Are you loving summer weather or what?!?!