Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pre Hood to Coast Festivities

So now you’ve heard about my lost cat and how awesome and how generous Nuun is.  Now let’s get down to brass tax and talk the nitty gritty details of Hood to Coast.  Sorry folks, I’m sure you’re getting recaps right and left from everyone and their mom, but these recaps aren’t just for you, they’re for me too to read in the future, so you’re getting the deets.  Come back next week if you’re tired of HTC talk. 

First let’s talk pre-race festivities.  The true fun started on Wednesday with a Mariners game and other shenanigans, but since I just got a new job I unfortunately could no longer attend the Wednesday fun – orientation instead for me. 

So the fun for me started on Thursday with a stop at the airport to pick up Katie and Harmony, and then headed to Nuun Headquarters for THE AMAZING RACE.  Since I’m obsessed with that show and am dying to be on it it was very fitting I finally got to participate in an amazing race of my own.  

Look what a stacked team we are!  Tonia, Vanessa, Harmony, me, XLMIC, & Stephanie

There were many locations and / or activities to do, taking pictures the whole time.  But since Lindsay wasn’t on our team and I’m no true Seattle-ite, we didn’t really know how to get around the city quickly to get to all the locations in the time allotted.   

What animal exactly do you think this is????  It likes Nuun, that's for sure.

So we mostly focused on the bonus points: Nuun-tattooing as many random people as we could.

 Harmony is so awesome and such a good sport!

Brave Stephanie even tatt-ed up this guy:

And the other bonus point method: finding as many pigs in Seattle as we could.

And guess what?  WE WON!  I couldn’t believe it, but apparently all those pigs really paid off.

After the race we headed back to the office for a solid carb-tastic dinner and some van decorating.  We definitely didn’t win any artistic competitions but we had fun all the same.

And then we were off to the hotel for a fitful night of sleep before our 7am wake-up call (for Van 1’s) to head up to the mountain.  Come back later to hear about the mountain and Leg 1!

And extra special thanks to the following sponsors for making our Hood to Coast experience extra awesome: