Wednesday, August 1, 2012


This weekend we headed down to Oregon for the famous Oregon BrewFest.  We were supposed to go camping with my family but it was a long drive and everyone wasn't going to be there when we could go and blah blah blah we didn't end up going at the last minute.  So BrewFest happened at the last minute instead. 

BrewFest, in "theory", is my dream.  I LOVE tasting beers, especially delicious craft beers that have wonderful sounding names with words like cherry in them.  Yes, there was a cherry beer. 

Who can spy the creeper?

In practice though, I kind of thought BrewFest sucked.  It was ridiculously RIDICULOUSLY busy.  So in theory, you use 1 token to get a "taste" of all the different beers that you want to try.  IN THEORY. 

In reality though, the wait is so ridiculously long for all of the beers that you just pick the shortest line (instead of the kind you actually want to try) and then you just get a full beer instead of a taste because waiting in that claustrophobic line sucked so much you don't want to do it again any time soon.  And then that full beer you randomly chose doesn't taste so great and is a huge disappointment.

This kind of gives you a picture of how busy it was.

Whoa I sound like Debbie Downer over here again!  But you get the picture.  In theory, it could have been a blast.  And it was still fun, don't get me wrong, I wasn't pouting in the corner the whole time!  It just could have been a lot better if there'd been a) a million less people, or b) a lot more room and lot more beer lines. 

One major highlight was getting to meet up with Laura for a bit!  We didn't take a picture though - blogger fail.  But here's what we look like:
 Her husband didn't seem too pleased by our desire to rehash every second of Ragnar.  SORRY!!  :-)

Have you ever been to a BrewFest type event?  Do you enjoy tasting beer?  What's your favorite beer of all time?  Mine is definitely Blue Moon Spiced Amber Ale (winter seasonal).