Tuesday, August 7, 2012

An Adventure Run

Oh boy, I've got some things to tell you.  Hold on to your hats ladies and gents.

So last Thursday, Lauren invited me to attend the famous Road Runner "Adventure Run" that occurs every first Thursday.  This amazing event involves basically the revealing of a map with locations that offer raffle tickets, and then a subsequent hour to run to every location you can manage to obtain tickets, which can potentially win you prizes.  And it did not disappoint.
Lauren, Lauren's cousin, Lindsay, and some of Lindsay's Ragnar teammates and I all started the trek together, where we hustled around Greenlake obtaining about 10 tickets.  The real trick is to have previously purchased a Road Runner Adventure Run t-shirt - which gets you double the tickets at each location.  Next year I WILL get one of those!

The first two locations we went to were pretty far from the start - about 1.5 miles, so those locations earned us 3 tickets each instead of the usual 2.  There was a location where you got extra tickets for playing (and winning - which we didn't) a beer pong shot and for going down a slip n' slide (we didn't do that either - we're party poopers), another location where you had to complete "the world's longest hop scotch" to get a ticket, and another where there was a secret Facebook-released password ("Asics").

Waiting to see if we won

The hard part is that you HAVE to be back in an hour to get your tickets into the raffle though - so make sure to plan accordingly!  We ran about 4.33 miles but with running to and from the store I got in about 5 miles.  We didn't win anything - but they gave away some GREAT prizes including about 16 pairs of shoes and 2 Garmin's.  Definitely worth your time!  They also had $1 craft beers - who doesn't like that?!  I will be back for sure.  Next time I'm going to be SERIOUS about getting those tickets!

Have you been to an Adventure Run or something like that?  Who's in for next time?!