Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Is There Such a Thing As Too Much Bling?

Remember how in May I ran the Portland Rock n' Roll Half Marathon?  It sucked, it was way hillier than advertised, my legs felt heavy, and I didn't come as close to a PR as I hoped.  I'm sure you remember my complaining.

Then remember how in June I ran the Seattle Rock n' Roll Full Marathon?  It sucked, running on I-90 was slanted, running through Seward Park was lovely, the last 4 miles I wanted to die, and I didn't PR.  I'm sure you remember my complaining.

Then remember how what a lovely surprise it was to get a second additional medal after the Seattle race for doing both Seattle and Portland?

Who doesn't like a bonus medal?

Whew, that was a lot of background story.  Now we're caught up.

On Wednesday this week I got a mysterious package in the mail from Competitor Group.  What could it be?

 A 4th, unexpected medal?  Don't mind if I do.  

But what did I do to deserve this?  I already got an extra one for doing 2 of Competitor's races in one year!  But apparently that was a special one for doing 2 SPECIFIC Rock n' Roll races in one year, and now I get the GENERIC medal for doing 2 Rock n' Roll races in one year.

So to summarize, 4 medals for 2 races.  Overkill???????
What do you think about getting more than 1 medal for an event?  Has this happened to you?  What other races do such things?