Monday, August 27, 2012

Some Final Triathlon Thoughts

I bet you guys came here today just DYING to know about Hood to Coast... DIDN'T YOU?!?!?  I know you did.  But such an incredibly EPIC experience is going to take a bit of time to fully process and write about.  Plus I have to obtain all the pictures!  So in the meantime... let's talk final thoughts about the triathlon I did last weekend (which seems SO LONG ago right now!). 

Okay, there's not many actual "thoughts" to recap, as I mostly just wanted to share with you the pictures I didn't have yet when I posted my triathlon recap.  :-)

Bike racking the day before

With my transition area all set-up.  Clearly not very well if I forgot my goggles and then my helmet!

Getting ready for the swim - look at all those people who swam on top of me!

Coming in to the dismount area after the end of the bike.

Finishing strong - and running by Erika?!

Apparently we're Olympians.  We bite our gold medals. 

I did want to talk about the race shirt:

I like the design.  It says "Swim Bike Run" there in the bottom that you can't see very well.  It's the cut / style that are so disappointing.  Do you see it?  It's SO unflattering.  Super short in the torso and baggy in the waist.  The combo makes me look fat and frumpy, and doesn't cover my belly when I lift my arms.  In a race for JUST women you'd think they'd get the shirt right for WOMEN.  I will probably never ever wear this one. 

And I also wanted to show you the medal:

The medal is fine.  It's nothing special, besides the fact that it's my only medal shaped like a triangle.  I'd have preferred it if had had more of a triathlon look to it somehow.  But I'm fine with it. 

The end!  No more triathlon talk.  Unless I sign up for one I'm eyeing at the end of September, that is. :-)

How was your weekend?  What did you do?