Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Should Sandcastle Building be in the Olympics?!

On Saturday I somehow found myself at a SANDCASTLE COMPETITION!  And let me tell you, there was some serious mad sandcastle skills going on.  I am definitely impressed.

People had their sprayers, paint brushes, and other tools you wouldn't normally think of as needed to build a sandcastle.  There were all kinds of categories, kids, families, groups, and for all different kinds of sand castles: best turtle, best mermaid, best chowderhead, etc.

Here are a few of my favorites:

That's a zombie crawling out of his grave, in case you couldn't tell!

This is Homer Simpson in case you can't tell. 

 This one was probably the best one.  Look at those "rocks"!

I love me some elephants.  

I was also seriously impressed by this one. 

Anyway, this was a pretty pointless post - but I was way too impressed with these sandcastles to not share.  Perhaps we shall see sandcastle building in Rio in the 2016 Olympics?!?! 

What kind of sandcastle skills do you possess?  Didn't think anyone would ever ask you that question, did you???