Friday, May 18, 2012

Random Random Random

First off - did you go enter my ShowerPill giveaway?!  GO DO IT! 

Second, there are so many random thoughts running through my head and you are so lucky to get to hear about them!  Aren't you?!

1.  I finished The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield.  I LOVED it - go and read it.  It was confusing and I found it difficult to keep track of what was happening, but I blame myself this time (instead of the author).  I even went and looked up reviews on Wikipedia and a few other places to find out what others thought had happened!  But I think that just shows how invested I was in it.  You can't really describe it without giving a lot of it away, but basically Margaret Lea is asked to write the biography for a famous author, Vyda Winter, who is dying.  Vyda has always been extremely tight-lipped about her life and you find out why: it's kind of a mysterious story about twins.  Read it.

2.  I can't believe Girls On the Run is almost over!  Tuesday is our last practice.  :-(  I'm going to miss the girls so much - they are so hilarious!  For example: at the last practice we were planning our community impact project.  So the girls are supposed to come up with something they can do to help their community, but they have to bring all the supplies (if needed) and it has to be done within the practice, which is 90 minutes long.  So we were brainstorming things that we care about and I mentioned that I care about animals that don't have homes.  SO, one group decided that our project should be rescuing dogs from the animal shelter and teaching them how to be police dogs.  Yep, in a little over an hour, with my dog-training skills (Cooper STILL doesn't walk on a leash properly), it seems totally doable that we will rescue some dogs and teach them to be police dogs.  At least the girls are dreaming big? 

This is totally an appropriate activity for Girls On The Run practices.  source

This is the more feasible project that we did instead: cupcakes for their teachers and cards for the kids at the children's hospital.  

3.  In other dog-related news, on my run the other day I found a cute little dog who was practically in the middle of this busy street, and I went door-to-door trying to find his owners.  Finally this lady pulled up and she didn't seem a bit concerned to find her dog roaming free and when I told her he was nearly hit by a car she shrugged her shoulder nonchalantly and was like "oh, thanks".  GRRRRRRR.  WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE????  They don't care at ALL that their dog is in danger?  Major major PET peeve of mine. 

4.  DailyMile is so ridiculous.  You guys all remember how terrible my training was last week right?  Well apparently DailyMile is a bit confused.

Uh, Gnarly?  Really?  More like pathetic, DailyMile.  Don't try to sugarcoat it.  Just tell it like it is already.

5.  Why the heck are they canceling Make It or Break It before they get to the Olympics?!  They've been working their whole lives for this!  Ridiculous.  And whatever happened to the poor pizza girl Emily, anyway?  She had better things to do?

How convenient that they all made the Olympic team even though Lauren's heart might stop at any moment and Payson is probably pregnant.  And what the heck - there's no judges at the Olympic Trials and only 30 spectators go watch it?!?!?! 

6.  Speaking of bad TV, did you watch the season finale of The Vampire Diaries?  I totally don't watch that show, but IF I did, then my mind would have been blown and I would have called it the best episode of the whole series.  IF I watched that show that is...

Tell me something random about YOU!