Thursday, May 17, 2012

ShowerPill: My First Giveaway EVER!

This post could also be titled: To Shower or Not to Shower, that is the question.

Don't get me wrong, unlike many of you, I love a good shower.  I am always excessively cold after working out and a cold Ricole = an unhappy one, so showers are necessities of my life.  I ALWAYS feel better after a nice long hot shower.  BUT, obviously, there are lots of times when you don't have time for a shower, or you're not where a shower is, or running 2 extra miles is more important than taking that shower!  And that's where ShowerPill comes into play.

ShowerPill is like a baby wipe, except it's MORE than just a baby wipe, it's a "hygiene supplement"!  I was instantly struck at it's size: at 9 x 8 inches it's large (twss) and thick (wait twss again).  It's also designed to kill germs.  After using it I also noticed how much better it worked than a simple baby wipe.  The company was started by former college football players, so although I sweat like a beast, they probably sweat more.  And if it works for them, and if it works for me, I bet it will work for you too!

Big and thick, see?

Although I don't think ShowerPill is for everyday use (at least for me), I can think of 3 major reasons you'd NEED ShowerPill:

1)  After races.  If you're like me, you enjoy celebrating your races, PR or no.  And celebration usually requires delicious food and drink in the form of brunch.  Or a beer garden.  Either way, you always head directly to these places from the race, with no shower in sight.  Enter ShowerPill!  You're instantly cleaned up!

I bet Lindsay would have appreciated it if I'd been using ShowerPill before I shoved my armpits in her face!

2)  After long runs.  Okay, this is nearly the same as #1.  But sometimes you meet other fun people for long runs and want to celebrate those long runs are over.  Perhaps with a fun blogger meet-up at Cactus.  :-)  Again, ShowerPill to the rescue!

Proof that sometimes you like to celebrate your long runs with margaritas blogger meet-ups.

3)  During RELAYS!  This is perhaps the best use of ShowerPill, and I am extremely excited to use these puppies this summer at Ragnar Northwest Passage and on Nuun's Hood to Coast team.  In these cases you not only are racing without shower access but you're racing THREE TIMES without a shower, and THEN you still go celebrate at the end.  So ShowerPill isn't only for your own benefit, but for everyone else sharing a van with you! 

Hood to Coast 2011: The 90 degree temperatures would have made me MUCH less smelly if we'd had ShowerPill!

ShowerPill is graciously giving away a box of their product to not one but TWO of you!  How nice of them, right?! 

You can gain entries in 4 different ways, just leave a separate blog comment for each one you do:
  1. Answer the Question: When would you use ShowerPill?  Got anything coming up that you NEED it for?
  2. Like ShowerPill on Facebook
  3. Follow @ShowerPill on Twitter and Tweet about the Giveaway (something like: "I want to win @showerpill wipes from @ricoleruns!" would work just fine)
  4. And because my Facebook page is new and therefore a little lonely, extra entry for liking me on Facebook!
For those who don't win you can still get a steal of a deal on ShowerPill products by using promo code "RUNNERS2" for 10% off at Amazon through May 20th.

Fine Print Shenanigans:  This giveaway will run through Wednesday, May 23 at 8:00pm PST.  Two winners will be chosen using random number generator.  Although ShowerPill provided me with a free box of wipes the opinions above are my own.